Insurance of mobile phones

Insurance of mobile phones

Mobile phone insurance is a leading topic today, I wrote about health, sickness insurance etc. However, today I decided to write about something different. Below I present a list of websites where you can insure your mobile phone, of course, in the UK. My list takes into account the largest insurance companies specialising in laptops, phones or even tablets, and other electronic accessories insurances. Therefore, to insurance of mobile phones were cheap, it is necessary to visit the websites in which you enter information about your phone (model number, brand, year, etc.) and compare deals.

I-Digital is quite transparent rule on insurance of gadgets. Of course, here mobile phones also are covered by this insurane. We have a choice of three plans offering different levels of insurance

  • Essential
  • Essential Plus
  • Premier.

We are here to insure up to five different devices, with prices starting from £4.95 per month. Do not forget to use the special promotional code SP10, which will lower the insurance rate of 10%. You should visit the website if you look for more information.

Gadget Cover is a company that is on the market for some time and specializes in insurance for a variety of electronic devices and gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, cameras, satellite navigation, etc). Prices of policies start from £2.50 per month

Protect Your Bubble is a company offering various types of phone insurance and other gadgets. For example, the cost of insurance of mobile phones of global brands starts from £5.99 per month. Phone insurance or iPad insurance cost £3.99, other tablets = £2.19. This type of policy protects against theft, accidental damage, and of course failure. This type of insurance is valid in the UK and abroad (maximum 180 days outside the UK).

Insurance-2-Go is in turn one of the largest companies in the UK, specialising in insurance, of mobile phones and other gadgets. The cheapest phone insurances start from £ 2.99 per month – also laptops and iPads / tablets are also covered by insurance). I do not think I need to remind you that the price of mobile phone insurance depends on its brand. Insurance-2-Go is really highly rated in several consumer services company, which enjoys the trust of customers.

Better Buy Insurance offers 3 different insurance plans

  • Basic for £4.99,
  • Lite for £5.99
  • and Full for £6.99 per month.

We can pay for this type of insurance a year in advance. In my opinion, it’s worth doing, because in this way we can save ten percent of the previous price for our mobile phones (i.e. we will pay for 10 months and the insurance is valid 12 months).

Gadget Buddy is an online website, where you can quickly compare various types of insurance of mobile devices. I am talking of course about mobile phones, tablets, laptops or handsets. Prices for mobile phone insurance start from just £ 2.25 and include:

  • The failure and unauthorized use.
  • Accidental destruction,
  • Theft and so on.

Of course, higher packages include losing and international protection.

Mend it is a different service, which in addition to insurance of gadgets, it also offer extended warranty of the device – 12 month is a warranty of a manufacturer and we can insure the equipment for a longer period of time, such as 36 months. Directly on the website, we can also ask the company to repair the damaged equipment, in turn, when it comes to insurance, the company insures computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Insurance prices are on the level of a few pounds per month. However, insuring several devices for a longer period of time, we can count on a variety of discounts.

Is it worth to insure your equipment?

Nowadays, mobile phone insurance is a simple matter, as most mobile operators offer their customers a possibility to insure phones. It is a good idea, but only if the mobile phone is very expensive, moreover, before placing a signature on a document, you should read it carefully. You should also ask for an exemption, i.e. situations for which no compensation will be paid. When it comes to this sector, the operators often commit abuses and put the records that damages cannot be claimed. So, in a significant number of cases, it appears that the insurance is not necessary, and the payment is a waste of money.

Mobile phone insurance is not as important as life insurance or mortgage insurance, but many people see this as important because of the latest phone which can cost a lot. Therefore, before you decide to buy it is worth checking prices in different companies and compare with each other. What is more, you should check whether on the type of cashback websites is any promotion. Also very often there are discount codes that you can find on the websites with discount codes. If you are you interested in this topic, read the article entitled: Mobile phone insurance.

NOTE: I present private opinions and I am not responsible for the readers’ decisions. I always try to present current information but may no longer be up to date. Therefore, before making a decision, please verify them and consult a licensed financial adviser.


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