Life insurance in the UK

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Life insurance in the UK

Today, I will focus on the topic of- life insurance in the UK. I’ll try to answer a few questions about the insurance, or what to look for to buy, where to buy, how to buy cheaply etc. Of course, many people are interested in this subject, because I thought it worthwhile to devote to it separate article. But before I go into my material, we will consider whether we need such insurance at all, because it is not so obvious, because everything depends on our situation.

Is it worth buying health insurance in the UK?

It is somewhat difficult question to answer, because a lot here depends on who and what we are, what are our finances, etc. If you do not have family, but you already have some savings, or you have a policy in the workplace, it’s probably not worth to buy it. It is different when we have family and some major financial commitments. Therefore, at the outset let’s put the question – what will happen to our loved ones when we die. Here, when it turns out that this event can have a dramatic and negative impact on our family finances, you should at least consider this form of insurance. Choosing life insurance you should consider several different factors:

  • the amount of money we want to insure,
  • whether you want to insure yourself or cover the other family members,
  • how long to insure, etc

All elements of this type will be of immense importance when calculating the price of premium. It is also good to skillfully juggle various options, it will help us in its descent. Another important element that determines the amount of the monthly premium is the same type of insurance.

Where to buy insurance for life?

Of course, our subject matter is complicated, and it seems that the best option for a person who is looking for insurance is to use the services of a competent adviser of insurance. Such a counselor, who will offer us life insurance and often totally free, familiarize yourself with our financial situation, needs and propose appropriate policy. I do not want to promote a particular broker, but you can search the Internet and check out the reviews before you decide on any. If you prefer to lookd for life insurance in the UK on your own, a quite good comparison you will find on quotesupermarket or quotesearch. The comparisons boast that they work with the major insurance companies. However, making a comparison of this type we have a good knowledge of English, because the form appears a lot of questions about our state of health, disease, etc.

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Health insurance in the UK and their types:

1) Life insurance i.e. insurance for a certain time, it is a model of standard life insurance available generally without medical tests for people aged 16 to 79 years. Here, the minimum insurance period is 5 years, but we can insure up to 40 years. Here is the compensation paid during the policy at the time of death of the insured person. A good company worth recommending is here – morethan.

2) Liverpool Victoria,is another noteworthy insurance company, which deals with compensation for people who do not want to burden family with funeral costs and want to give to family members or friends some money. Life insurance of this type in this company is characterized primarily by:

  • cheap insurance – because we pay just £ 5 per month,
  • speed and ease of conclusion of the contract – an online application
  • peace of mind that our loved ones are protected.

Here, money are paid to family members or other specified persons at the time of death of the insured person. Life insurance here can even cost £500,000 (£300,000) if we are 56-65 years old and £200,000 if we are 66 years of age).

3) Life insurance and job loss and sickness insurance in the UK – the question of whether there is such insurance, I answer, of course, yes. The insurance companies often find life insurance at a very high level. We have a choice of cover

  • Life Insurance in the family

Here, the level of cash remains constant for the duration of ,, strategy” unless you change your plan – sudden death.

  • Mortgages life insurance

The guarantee sum remains constant or overlaps and reduces roughly in line with the mortgage.

4) Term Life Insurance is insurance mainly for people, who want to be sure that no matter on circumstances their family members repay indebtedness under the mortgage. Term Life Insurance also includes sickness insurance.

Life Insurance. How to choose the right life insurance policy?

Health insurance is a necessary thing. It allows us to easily use the medical assistance to the extent specified in the insurance policy held by us. If you just want to avoid the long queues to doctors and not fear that, if necessary, someone refuses to help us, we should take care of life insurance in the UK. What is the most advantageous policy? Private insurance are becoming increasingly popular and their prices are decreasing and those policies are beneficial to patients. Already at an affordable price they have access to many medical benefits, you only need to skillfully choose the right insurance policy for yourself. Take advantage of this time of the tools offered to us by specialized companies from the insurance industry. A great example is quotesupermarket – just you need to fill out a short form to receive feedback on the best insurance policy for us. The tool is convenient and will allow us to save a lot of time that we would have to spend on the search listings of individual insurance companies, which in turn it often requires people to have an account, to provide personal information and to wait for the receipt of an offer etc. And the use of the tool of quotesupermarket saves us the effort. Therefore, we now take care of health insurance in the UK and feel comfortable when is necessary to call in a specialist. It is worth to be treated in conditions that do not insult the dignity, because private health insurance allows the patient to be treated on the principles that provide a sense of complete security …

Where is the best to buy life insurance:

  • Make a simulation of the cost of insurance in several companies to realize how much it may cost us
  • Do simulation in several price comparison websites
  • Check that there are interesting promotions on the pages of a cashback as topcashback or imutual
  • If we are not sure and not too much accustomed with these matters and English is not so good, it is worthwhile to look for broker that handles us in another languages


I hope that thanks to my entry you learned something about a life insurance in the UK. Or maybe I has something surprised you. When writing this article, I did not want to be in any case an insurance agent, who scares customers. My task was to present some information to each of us think about it just for a moment and make a good decision about insurance companies. Is this type of insurance important?

Considering the low price of premium and the opportunity to avoid serious problems, I think that in most cases such it is worth buying life insurance. If you have any additional thoughts, you consider buying a policy or have already bought it, and you wonder if you have done well then I invite you once again to my article.

NOTE: I present private opinions and I am not responsible for the readers’ decisions. I always try to present current information but may no longer be up to date. Therefore, before making a decision, please verify them and consult a licensed financial adviser.


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