Lotto in UK

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Lotto in UK

I think everyone in life dreamed to break up the largest jackpot in the lottery on the continent. Lotto UK is probably the dream of every British. And in recent times dream is fulfilled in Britain, an example may be a couple of 22-year-olds scraping as much as 45 million pounds. This example shows that a millionaire can become everyone… Continuous accumulation and the desire to win in Looto means that more and more British ,,succumb the joy of winning”. Therefore, I want to focus on this topic today.

They won 45 mlm pounds

The couple – Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham from Nottingham, unless each of Brits know or have heard about them. The winners of fortunes in the EuroMillions lottery caused in 2012 a real wave of players catching on lottery office, who also wanted to get ,,something not attainable „. International play, which a few years ago, was organized by national lotteries of France, Spain and the UK was caused immense popularity of numerical lotto games. Currently, the five numbers and five lucky stars you can also put in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg and Portugal. With such treatment pool to gain happens very often. Winning young English people meant that today in the media in the UK there is not really important information regarding the numerical lottery office from the local to win. Who would not want to get 45 million pounds? Everyone, and recently it happens really very often. I remind you that the EuroMillions jackpot can get only one coupon from across Europe and not so long ago, 40 million pounds also won residents of the United Kingdom!

Everyone, who plays in the British version of the EuroMillions lottery are automatically taken into consideration in the Millionaire Lottery, in which for one lucky person a million pounds is guaranteed. A row of numbers in the EuroMillions lottery, which is automatically generated by the code in the Lottery Millionaire and which consists of three letters and six numbers (eg. ADE125645) refers to the bet. Sequentially each code occurs in the draw, in which one code is selected, and its owner receives win. To lotto for us was happy, i.e. to win a guaranteed prize of one million pounds, marks on the voucher lottery must be fully in line (nine letters and three digits) from randomly selected. In addition, their order of appearance must also be consistent – I just emphasize that partially compliant coupon does not give right to any winnings.

Is playing in the Euro lotto UK profitable?

On the islands, the pool prize is 60% of the money paid by players. But I think that sometimes it pays to play. At least in the vast, accumulated prize pool. Mathematical value exceeds the price of fate and then theoretically every ticket wins. Well, but it is known that only one combination of six numbers on 13983816 possible, wins – lotto UK. To hit the highest award that is – five, we have probability of 1: 54201, „four” – 1: 1032 three – 1:57. But there is nothing to pay attention, because victory always comes unexpectedly. In England lottery offices indicate on their website what part of the prize pool is allocated for choosing „six”, „five”, „four” and so on. With this solution, we can calculate the value of direct win. There are also reported the estimated pools for the next draw, perhaps the data is flowing to keep the outlets. On the basis of the distribution of prizes you can calculate expected values, such as:

  • ,,six” – 0,03 pounds
  • ,,five” – 0,36 pounds
  • ,,four” – 0,02 pounds
  • ,,three” – 0,17 pounds

Is playing the lotto not profitable?

Each ticket costs 1 pound. Therefore, some drawing does not pay, for example, when the pot is less than 8 million. But, it pays when the prize pool exceeds 13.5 million pounds. Then statistics is on our side. Therefore, it is quite logical to play during accumulation. The prize pool then increases, as in the previous draw nobody won. Even if a new draw will proceed about one million people more, it would appear an additional injection of money and winning the pot will grow up to 2-fold. Of course, despite feeble opportunities arising from probability you should play only during the high accumulation …. Euro lotto UK gives you a chance to win of course, but nevertheless I suggest to be patient and play for large pots. Of course, this form of lotto takes place not only in the UK, but also in other regions of the world. A success can be related to one of five levels and this means that in theory every 54 coupon is winning, and every 14 000 000 is a fundamental win.

And, so this is how a „circle” is driven, which makes it more and more willing wishes to participate in that lottery. In lotto UK at the moment, total cash prizes is calculated in the tens of millions of British pounds.

The most popular lottery tickets on the network i.e. the best services – lotto online.

Tipping the lotto, we give ourselves a chance on the giant money, for this reason, that not only residents of the UK play in this. This means that we can win more with the same probability as in other lotteries. A nice option is also here – lotto via the Internet, introduced a few years ago. With this feature, players not only from England, but from all over Europe can bet a number, via a network, I mentioned about it earlier, but now I want to focus on this topic a little longer. This type of services is a lot of, but here I focused on those, which are the most popular:


The website allows you to play more than 40 licensed by the Government lotteries from around the world that are syndicated by Millionaire Raffles. In addition, you can control all lotteries (bet) at home. There you can also purchase a ticket online:

  • USA Powerball,
  • Mega Millions USA,
  • EuroMillions
  • Oraz wielu innych loterii.

It is a convenient, simple and secure service, in addition, it guarantees bills received for each prize.

Lotto Social

Lotto Social is the official website for domestic lovers of lottery, who want to win some great prizes. The website offers a simple and easy way, allowing to play in lotteries. By signing up today using the coupon „EURO30” you can get a 30 syndicated entries in the next EuroMillions draw. As well as regular entries in the same lottery, but if you choose to continue the subscription you will have to pay £ 9 a week for 60 inputs and 60 raffle tickets, of course, in both EuroMillions games on Tuesdays and Fridays.


In this website you can play lotteries: the National Lottery and EuroMillions. We can bet via mobile phone thanks to the built-in options – lotto. The service can be purchased for £ 4.50 until 15 tickets to both lotteries.

love My Lotto

The website allows you to play the lotteries such as – EuroMillions, UK Lotto and Daily Draw. The more you will buy raffle tickets, the bigger change to get the prestigious star (gold, silver, bronze) thanks to a star, we have a better chance of winning cash.

Other interesting services that promote online games are: Play lottery, Themysticlotto, Wintrillions, Lottoland, Thelotter oraz worldlotteryclub. I want to describe the latter, because it allows playing Polish lotto. Certainly the price per coupon looks attractive, because it is only £ 0.60. If you set 36 draws, we can get up to 10% off the original price.


It is the most popular game in the category of lotto in the world. Here, drawings are held on every Tuesday and Friday evening in Paris, at that time millions of players from all over Europe tracking the draw online. With the ability to play in Euromillions everyone, regardless of place of residence may participate in the lottery. The rules are not complicated. You have to select 5 numbers from a pot of 50 and 2 stars out of 11.

To play the Euromillions nline you must first create a free account on the website –

This service gives you the opportunity to fill out a form using the random generator of lucky numbers. Just click on the random button and let the system randomly select the lucky numbers, i.e. the chance for the grand prize in the EuroMillions game in which to win a record value of 185 million euros for one ticket.

lotto onlineWhere are the deals?

lottoland prepared for new customers free first game in the EuroMillions, the Irish Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball and OZ Lotto. To take advantage of free lotto games go to this website: or use the vouchers and:

  • EuroMillions uses the coupon: UKEMFREELINE
  • Irish Lotto uses the coupon: UKIELOTTOFREELINE
  • MegaMillions uses the coupon: UKEMFREELINE
  • PowerBall uses the coupon: UKMMFREELINE
  • OZ Lotto uses the coupon: UKOZLOTTOJPFREELINE

In LottoSocial is currently promotion in which we can save £15. And so when you buy 40 draws in EuroMilions we pay only £28 by using coupons:

  • code: LS28 we will get 40 draws for £28
  • code: LS54 we will get 80 draws for £54
  • code: LS75 we will get 5+5 draws for £7.5

You should remember about topcashback where we could get a return for signing up on the website. At the moment it is up to 5 websites that pay for registration and playing lotto and returns range from £0.52 to as much as £21.

In LottoByText można uzyskać 5 darmowych losowań w Euromillions na telefon.

Lovemylotto is now promoted to the Platinum package, where you can buy the pot of the entire year. Then, we can take advantage of a discount of 50% and pay only £ 240 instead of £ 480.

Playlottery has a great deal. For just £ 1 we will get up to 55 draws in the EuroMillions game, and if you prefer to play in MegaMillions to za £1 masz możliwość zakupienia aż 15 losowań.

At the end, perhaps the best news for people in the UK Polish lotto You can play for 60p or buy packages that are as follows:

  • 12 draws at a discount of 5% (pot is £ 0.57)
  • 24 draws at a discount 7.5% (pot is £ 0.56)
  • 36 draws at a discount of 10% (pot is £ 0.54)

To summarize today’s material it is worth mentioning that by playing lotto UK via Internet (online), the player is automatically informed about his win and not have to worry about nervously checking a pot or possibility of loss. On the other hand, when you purchase a coupon for the lotto online, a player is satisfied that the coupon is securely stored. And, what is important you will be informed about winning as soon as possible. Therefore, it is worth playing – because maybe you’ll be the winner !!!


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