Revenuehits – an alternative to AdSense

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Revenuehits – an alternative to AdSense

Earning on AdSense is still the most popular choice. However, the competition for this program is rising systematically. The signs look very promising for program. Why is it worth to use it? It has clear rules and offers high earnings, as this one from AdSense.

Why AdSense is not always the best choice?

The program from the Google has a very strong position in the market. A company like Google ensures regular solvency, I know that it won’t fall from day to day. You can also be sure that you will alsow have at your disposal a large amount of available ads. On the other hand, AdSense banishes his publishers often from the imprecise reasons. Contact support is often difficult and not always you get to know the reason for the decision. If the competition decides to harm you, you can easily result in the obtaining of ban by repeatedly clicking on the ads on your site. What’s more, you cannot add content from the Google on the website with ads of which you are not the author (for example, Videos from YT). If the theme of the site is associated with sex, gambling or sharper vocabulary, you cannot join the AdSense program.

AdSense alternative – is a company operating since 2008. It is constantly expanding circle of advertisers and publishers. Currently it has more than 2 billion displays of ads a day and base of 1 million active users. Therefore, according to many people is the best alternative to AdSense. Just like in the program from the Google, you should create high-quality content that will attract visitors.

Is it so? I do not know. Today, I am pleased with the Adsense program and would rather have no intention to change the service, but if I am forced to do this, it is worth to know where there is an alternative. I created an account, and for now I will just focus on affiliate program. It should be emphasized that the program is only an alternative to AdSense.

How to join

Just go to the website and create an account. Then, hold a short configuration, add ads on your website and start earning. AdSense requires a lot more from us, if we want to save the program. The website must have a lot of content and there cannot illegal content. It must also be present on the website for some time. You can start earning on  immediately in! It is one of several main reasons why it is an excellent alternative to AdSense.

revenuehits adsense to alternative - desktop view

Where can you use advertisement?

Advertisements can be placed in many places. The aim is, of course, to obtain more visitors on the website or gain popularity of the product prepared by us. The advertisements of course can be placed on the website. Where else? You can attach them to the applications, mobile devices, plug-ins, toolbars, functionality serving search and instant messaging. As you can see there are no special restrictions in this area.

Form of advertising

There are several ways in which you can present users the ads from These are:

  • banners at the various sizes.
  • Advertising in the form of sliders.
  • „pop-up” windows

You can personalize the appearance of ads to fit the look of your website (or application, plugs etc.) to maximize conversion. The ads run in the models: CPC, CPA and others. For a single click you can receive up to $ 30!

Affiliate Program in

As usual, you can earn on attracting new customers for The company boasts of the highest rates for partners in the industry. Indeed, if your partner is active, a part of his earnings will be credited on the account.

  • If you reccommend a publisher, and he will earn in a year to $ 1,500, you will receive a commission equal to 5% of his annual income.
  • If the publisher recommended by you will earn annually more than $ 1,500, you will receive commissions equal to up to 10% of his wages!

It is worth to try it, because reccommendation of several active and well-paid publishers will provide a very good passive income.

Is it worth it?

Earning AdSense is not judgment. If you are looking for a program that does not have many requirements, and has an extensive database of advertisers select just It is proven company and has a good reputation. There is no need to worry about solvency. It’s harder for a lot more to get the ban than with AdSense. If you are not sure which service is better AdSense or, it is always possible to test and compare. The second program is also more versatile when it comes to the number of available places to which you can add advertisements. It is not required to wait for approval to join it as in the case Adsen.

It is worth adding that the payment is via PayPal or Payoneer.

Personally, I do not use this network. I have just wanted to show an alternative. If you are using this platform, please write about this. Is it worthy of interest, or is it better to blow it off? Do you recommend this company or rather advice against it? Do you know any other interesting alternatives to AdSense? Opinions whether Revenuehits is a good alternative to adsense are welcomed.

Earning on AdSense is still the most popular choice, but if you have the ban, an alternative to AdSense is needed.


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