The replacement of the boiler – what and how

Hey, in today’s material, I would like to focus on the replacement of the boiler – why did I choose this subject? I would like to tell you about this, because I know that boiler and heating your home in this way is really popular in England and in this topic it is worth to say anything more. So, at the beginning I will focus on such basic topics as – what is the boiler, how it functions, whether there are funds for new equipment, where you can purchase this type of equipment and which model may be perfect for you.

What is the boiler and its application

At the beginning of my article, I would like explain what the so-called boiler is, how it functions and where it can be purchased. Probably everyone smiles claiming that he/she knows what it is and that it will be unnecessary for him/her information. However, I think that if we bring up this topic, the substantive content with the explanation even banal statements should be contained in this. So, in other words, the boiler is a hot water heater. It is also called CWU heater – a device used in a domestic water system. It is a suitable and distributed throughout the UK way how to prepare hot water for free use. These devices are commonly found in the kitchen.

The tank and its functions

Its main element – a reservoir of water is standard equipped with the output of pipe installations. These outputs are – installations of closed process discharging hot water and the safety valve connected with the heating system connected. Electric boiler or other tanks of this type typically have an appropriate thermal insulation reducing appropriate heat losses. Here, it is worth to say that the installations bringing cold water are connected to the water supply, because inside the tank there is a fairly high pressure – about 4 atmospheres. The water in such a boiler may be heated by an electric heater with a suitable thermostat attached to it, or by using a heat exchanger. Relatively recently a gas boiler appeared on the market, which heats the water using a gas burner, but I will discuss it later.

,,The valves must be used carefully”

All the water heaters have valves, which are there to twirl them and when the bold will be unscrewed naturally on ,,max” and when it can damage the device by causing the leak, then it means that it is simply assembled incorrectly. Apart from that, the opening of a tap has no right to damage a device that has a lot of security. Here, it is worth noting that modern boilers have all the necessary information on valves – do not touch (they can be deregulated). So all owners of these devices should not play with taps and valves without any technical knowledge especially when we have information highlighting that action can be harmful to your device.

Subsidy for new equipment! ,,Not much, but always ”

After a brief explanation of what a tank heater is and how it functions, I will come back to the main theme of my article. When looking at the information on the Internet we will find insight into the subsidy for a new heating stove. Why I think about financial compensations? Namely, in 2010 in the UK the action of exchange boilers with new ones was started. From what I know more than 125 thousand of households across the UK have been equipped with new modern boilers, which have replaced with the old ones. Subsidy, which was granted in 2010, but unfortunately expired in 2013… At that time, you could easily replace old equipment with the new one, or with the electric boiler or other water heaters, which used renewable energy. At the time, as the government was stated, the program created at the expense of 50 million pounds allowed not only to reduce carbon emissions, but also to reduce bills – what was really nice option. Greater energy companies benefited from the program and the government only confirmed that the program has helped keep jobs for 130 thousand people. As far as I know our, British government once again started, across the country, subsidizing the replacement of old boilers with new ones. Here, 400 pounds will go to people, who choose to replace a device of Class G, for new one of Class A. Of course, this program once again mainly aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, lowering energy bills of UK households and provide employment to thousands of professionals – practically what I mentioned above in my article.

What to do to get a new device?

Which I was able to determine, in order to receive adequate funding for the replacement of the boiler we should first have a device of Class G. The most important ones include: gas furnaces that are more than 15 years. We will classify to it oil furnaces that are more than 25 years. This program will include people, who are property owners regardless of whether they live in it or rent to others. For the elderly i.e. those, who are aged 60 years old, there will be the option to exchange a new boiler. The condition is the submission of an application for a refund if you have boiler, which does not work and it is the only source of heat in the house. As far as I know, people interested in the exchange of the furnace must make an appointment with a company dedicated to the replacement, then they must obtain the quote for work and a new device – they should make an appointment to the Energy Saving Trust. After this procedure, they will receive a coupon valid for 12 weeks that after paying the full amount of money for the exchange, they must again make an appointment with an invoice and voucher to the EST, which within 25 days must pay 400 pounds.

The types and models of boilers

Water exchangers, as we can guess, function in our homes for decades while ensuring the comfort of domestic hot water. There will be no surprise if I state that, over many years, boilers and their structures underwent constant changes and big improvements. Thanks to the rapidly evolving technology, conventional trays have been replaced with modern double coil heat exchangers and heat exchangers with an even larger surface. As a result, heat exchange is much larger than a few years ago and it all with modern bunded storages. Basically, faced with the question of what boiler is best to choose, I would propose to determine what is needed. So it’s best to know that these exchangers are divided into:

  • Horizontal boilers – hanging
  • Vertical boilers – in the case of vertical exchangers we can make another division: – Standing and hanging boilers

Now, I will tell about horizontal exchangers. They should be systematized by the type of construction, corrosion protection and material used for thermal insulation. So, in order to help to answer the question of what boiler is best to choose I provide types of heat exchangers construction:

They are: exchangers on horseshoe, U-shaped exchangers with single coil, double-shell heat exchangers with the double coil. Here, it is worth mentioning that the exchangers on the horseshoe are constructed in such a way that the entire capacity of the tank is filled with water boiler. Of course, the water contained in them is not suitable for human consumption – such solutions are usually used in combination with kitchen-stoves or cooking ovens having a water jacket.

Boilers for current or electricity are still popular!

As we know, electric boilers are for a long time on the market. The boiler and its principle of operation mean that under influence of energy, the heater heats up to the predetermined high temperature. Then, the right chamber of the boiler is heated up. Depending on how much the heat exchanger has immersion heaters, our heater will faster or slower heat up the water in the tank. It is interesting that some models of exchangers are equipped with two electric heaters. This not only increases the functionality, but also can have a positive impact on its life! I will note here that, in this type of boilers both elements do not have to work “at full speed „- and this is very important. Not to mention that in cases where an immersion heater is damaged, then the second working independently is responsible for operation maintenance and heating the water in the tank. Electric exchangers, which are equipped with two immersion heaters are also extremely reliable and in practice they are safer to use than those with a single heater.

Now, I should also mention the work of electric heater, which is regulated by an electronic thermostat and the appropriate drivers. Here you can choose the right temperature when the thermostat is adjusted through a suitable knob. However, the electrical controller has a much broader scope of application, as the device can also control the other functions of the heat exchanger. For example, it can indicate the level of electricity consumption or support function of anti-freezing. We can find, on the market, plenty models of heaters equipped with additional temperature limiter that prevents the boilter from boiling the water. So on the question of what to buy electric water heater – I say that the best is the one with two heaters.

Boilers of stainless steel.

The most popular and widely used variety of heat exchangers is that made of stainless steel. The use of combi Boilerthis type of material in the boiler can guarantee protection against corrosion and ensure a long service life. Another advantage of this type of boilers designed of stainless steel is short warm-up time and high efficiency. Stainless steel is a material with a very smooth surface, which prevents accumulation of various types of deposits. These in turn contribute to the development of microbial pathogens, including legionella. Here, water is collected from the tank and is devoid of any contamination. This is why water heaters of stainless steel meet with great approval from all kinds of hospitals and health facilities. For me, such a boiler is not necessarily, but it is worth to say here that when you purchase such a device made of stainless steel, the presence of magnetic anodes becomes redundant, because the rust on the inner and outer surface of the tank does not accumulate for many years. Therefore, the electric boiler with stainless steel housing can be an ideal solution for many homes.

Resign boilers

Now I will mention some other types of boilers. Last time shows that quite frequent and common use in the manufacture of heat exchangers is the method of domestic hot water. It is a method that uses the tensioning of the shells of tanks. So, it has a much higher resistance to corrosion. Let us note here that it also stands out other properties that measurably affect the operation of the water heater:

It is therefore much more flexible, so it does not break or damage, in turn on the result of changes in pressure inside the tank of water, epidian resin has good resistance – weathering influences. The recent research results also showed that epidian has good mechanical properties and is not susceptible to various chemical agents. Not to mention that Epidian even has excellent adhesion to various substrates and thanks to the resign shell, in the heaters is an excellent protection against corrosion.

Gas boilers

Now I will describe a gas boiler. When it comes to the gas appliance it can be argued that a lot of us are not interested in this device – a simple reason, there is no conviction to gas and to the solutions of this type. However, I would be happy to say something more about gas boilers. A great example would be an exemplary model of TERMICA P80WC. It is ideally suited for people, who every day use the gas. The heater is made of stainless steel, so there is no occurrence of corrosion, of course, the water extracted from the reservoir is 100% hygienic and free of contaminants. The heater has a full control and regulating automation, safety valve and a number of safeguards. Therefore, many customers do not put on gas solutions, because it is here a number of sensors involved in gas supply, or failure of chimney draft. If something goes wrong here, it will be hard to control gas explosion. Of course, everyone has his/her own opinion, but I would definitely recommend this model. Of course, gas boiler is quite different from an electric boiler, but it has its advantages and disadvantages. It is worth mentioning that the heater discussed here has thermal insulation and casing made of powder-coated steel.

How does the choice of a boiler?


Here, I will briefly tell how to buy a boiler and on what is to be considered when choosing the boiler? So going to the shop for new equipment, you should fill in the grant application. Everything can be found on websites, where we can easily download and complete the application. Sequentially it is good to have a plan in your mind what equipment you have to buy, an example might be the purchase of an electric water heater of Lemet brand. This heater will certainly be irreplaceable in places where water is often taken (ideal in the multiperson apartment). A unique innovation model provides a range of modern features, such as the Eco +, Legionella, DRY STOP, DIAGNOSTICS. Electric water heater of this type has an LED display, external adjustment and built-in programmer, as well as electrical heater of 2000-watt. This model has also insulation of polyurethane foam. On the other hand, the entire case is made of powder coated sheet metal. Here, we have the use of ceramic enamel and magnesium anode which ensures long life of the boiler. I can really recommend this model to anyone, and what is important in the low price! After purchasing you should copy the texture that we take and send to the center of the grant and please never forget to verify the warranty! I know from experience that if you do not ensure to do this, then you may have problems with the repair of equipment. At the end you should think about the boiler insurance. It is not necessary to explain to anyone that in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty you should focus on this aspect. There are a lot of situations: swallow the tube, failure of valves etc. The best example may be just such a story, so better to be safe than sorry and take care of it right away. Full material about boiler insurance can be found here: boiler insurance

Where to buy cheap and good boiler?

At the end of my article, I would like to show you where you can buy cheap, but very durable water tank. At the beginning, however, I have to agree with the fact that in each household (whether it is a single-family house or apartment block) is a demand for heat – this is normal. The generated heat is used, of course, in different ways: to heat water, provide a heat to radiators or a floor heating. I will refer to the first way to use heat. It is about heating of the water, the most commonly used device responsible for warming is obviously boiler. In simple terms, the boiler is a type of tank in which there is a process of heating the water, but this it has already been mentioned earlier … So the questions arise, where and for how much? Of course, the wider range sold in trays of hot water the greater the adjustment of various types of boilers for various heat sources such as:

– Boilers for solid fuel, low-temperature boilers, fireplaces with water shell, heat pumps, gas pumps, oil and solar panels, etc.

By using the heat reservoir the economics of energy use and emissions of harmful exhaust emissions is significantly increased in a natural way and boiler corrosion effect is reduced. That’s why sometimes good store equals good heating. Below is the table of the most competitive boilers on the market at low prices.


This is all when it comes to the material of heating boilers. I hope that I was able to explain which the boiler is worth to buy, what should not you do oneself, where to buy the device, and what should be considered. I have to just acknowledge that the purchase and installation of the boiler is no easy matter, so it’s best to carry a proper specialist, who put it upon selecting the right equipment. It also should be mentioned that the average cost of buying and installation starts from 1600 pounds – of course I also include labour of the appropriate skilled person. At the end of my article, I can only wish you – successful purchase !!!