Each of us must buy all kinds of things to home, household appliances, insurance, etc. Can you imagine that for all the purchased things you get a refund of a few or a few dozen percent. So is it possible thanks to cash back services. If you did not heard about them, they work on the principle that you log on their website and make a purchase, eg. in Argos through their website. As a result, the commission is charged that the operator of a website shares with you.

And as it happens in life you can get refund depending on whether you choose good or bad stub program. On the English market is more than a dozen cashback websites. Of course, only a few are worth noting. That is why I introduced four, which I believe are worth a look. However, for greater choice in the rest of this article you will find a table comparing the most popular websites of this type. Refunds for purchases in the UK are very popular, and how once you try it you will always use them.You wonder whether it is worth, how much you can earn on that. Below I will present a small simulation of topcashback service, which is currently the most popular service of its kind in the UK.

  • Signing a new contract gas + electricy: utility company pay £52.5
  • Signing a new contract for car insurance: More Than: £31.5
  • Policy on life: More Than: £47.25
  • Internet w BT: £84

Of course, depending on the marketing campaign and strategic objectives of specific companies, refunds in different companies may differ. However, the cash back service is very popular in England and you can count on substantial returns in different stores and service companies.



  • approx. 4,000 shops where you can shop and get a refund.
  • 3.5 million users cannot be wrong
  • for the recommendation of service you can get up to £7.5
  • no minimum payout
  • the ability to add cards and shopping in reality. Currently there is 1 Argos shop
  • payment to PayPal, payout on your bank account, payment in the form of vouchers to the most popular shops in the UK
  • two types of free and premium membership, which costs £ 5 (although the money will be debited from your account as you earn and membership lasts 1 year). New users are automatically enrolled for 30 days on trial for the premium account. Remember that in this time of change for a free account otherwise they will be charged after a trial period from your account. Of course fee will be deducted from what you earn.
  • having a premium account you get 5% bonus to all refunds for purchases. For example, if a refund would get £ 100 service would add an extra £ 5 and on your account will be £105
  • when choosing a standard payment on account you will receive exactly as you have earned but if you take the voucher for Argos and Homebase you will get an extra 8% for Amazon voucher and in the case of other stores you will get 5%
  • the possibility of transferring the money to the account of Tesco Club Card


  • membership is free, there is the opportunity to buy a premium account for which you get bonuses
  • 4 million users shows that it is the most popular website
  • about 4,200 shops where you can shop and get a refund.
  • for recommendation you will get up to £ 10
  • the possibility of adding a card and shopping in reality. Currently, there are several shops.
  • payment are directly into your bank account, or PayPal, payments in the form of a voucher is a bonus of 2% and for the members of a premium of 8

imutual - cashback oraz akcje za zakupy online w sklepach angielskich


  • this is a new page, which is a bit different from the present that in addition to reimbursement for shopping you will also get shares of the imutual company. Thanks to everyone who registers, he/she becomes co-owner of the website and thus your shares increase in value over time. To be a holder of shares you need to undergo a process of registration of the shares on the website, which is very easy
  • For recommendation of the service you will receive 100 shares
  • The website boasts that it has better returns from other popular websites of this type
  • The service is very simple and clear to use
  • The payment is over £1

[table width=”700″ colalign=”left|center|center|center|center”]
Nr,Address ,Bonus for the recommendation,Min. threshold of payment,Number of stores in the systm
2,,£10, £1.01,4200

* number 100 corresponds to the number of shares earned in imutual

  1. It is worth checking on other types of cash back website if we can get more money making a purchase on the website.
  2. Post your debit or credit card to Quito and topcashback so that you will receive money for refunds in the actual stores.
  3. Install on your smatfon the applications thanks to it you can find the best deals and get reimbursements for purchases at real stores.
  4. You do not need to buy something in order to get money. Just use free cashback department, where you will find many websites that pay for various actions, for example, CreditExpert company pays £5.25 for a credit report. On the website if you will do simulation of insurance you will get £2.31 and also will pay you £2.2.

Probably you wonder if it really works and if you can trust the websites that they really work. The following screenshot from my account in topcashback, where I currently saved on shopping £473.53.

cashback earnings

The screenshot below shows the payment from imutual section where you can see my first payment of £83.20.

imutual earnings