Breakdown cover

Can you go in the long holiday trip by a car? Are you an advocate of driving by “four wheels”? Watch out! You must read this article. Many people give up Assistance Cover (AC) insurance. Although it is an additional insurance policy, you should use it, especially if we often drive by a car.

Assistance Cover Insurance is the ideal solution in the event of any malfunction of the vehicle. Statistics say clearly that every year thousands of drivers are experiencing minor incidents, eg. closing a car with keys. When is to be considered when seeking appropriate brakdown cover? Before you choose the appropriate option, keep in mind that this policy works in two ways.

Is it really worth to buy Breakdown Cover?

  • Pay-and-claim. This form is less common than the other insurance of this type. What is this policy? In the event of any fault on the way you have the right to call and notify your insurance service for this event, and then wait for its help. The insurance company, however, is obliged to call to the nearest company whose employee would have immediately come to the place of the event and fix your vehicle. You, as a customer, are obliged to pay for this service, but at a later time, you can apply for reimbursement on the basis of accounts. Although it looks like a complicated and time-consuming process, almost it is always a cheaper alternative than to cover repairs out of pocket.
  • Autoservice policy. It is the most common form of AC insurance. So what is this policy? In the case of a fault on the road, as in the case of pay-and-claim you notify your insurance company about this fact. The service is obliged to send as soon as possible a mechanic to the place of the event, whose aim is to repair your vehicle.

On what policy you should decide? What is better: Pay-and-claim or Autoservice policy? If your vehicle is frequently operated, and you are on the road a lot, you should be tempted to autoservices policy. Undoubtedly, it is more convenient. When you drive rarely, and your car is prone to minor faults pay-and-claim is better policy.

Trip around Europe

If you will go on a long trip around Europe, you should take advantage of Continental insurance, ie. insurance on the continent. European rescue Breakdown cover, depending on the insurance company, includes among others: cost of repairs, transport of the vehicle to the UK, supply (no costs) of spare parts.

Read the agreement carefully

Look at what policy you conclude. Some associations offer family cover. In the event of any fault, the costs of all travelers in the vehicle are covered by the policy. Read the terms, because they contain such important details as: the waiting time for mechanic (25-60min), the number of interventions during the year (limit or no limit), to cover the cost of spare parts, lack of insurance for vehicles transporting animals etc.

Keep in mind that not all insurance companies are in price comparisons, so you should take advantage of specialized insurance companies.

The AA is one of the most popular companies and its basic insurance starts from £27.99The company RAC is as popular as AA. The cheapest variant starts from £27.99

Finally, I want to emphasize that in order to increase savings from buying insurance online, you should immediately benefit from the cashback websites. We get discount of dozens of pounds.  So before you decide to buy insurance you should check available discounts.