Cheap car parking

Going on vacation or just on a weekend getaway to the city we always forget about one important matter, namely about the parking. Have you  ever been on Friday evening in the center, for example, of Manchester and looked for free parking? Of course, the signs are everywhere, but during the peak and at the evening it is not easy to drive and also navigation probably is set to another place. Not to mention about the fact that about the price of the parking you know already when you pay and for 2 hours parking period you have to pay 4 pounds what is something ridiculously exorbitant price. But it so happens that most people do not compare prices of parkings. A cheap car parking is very easy to find, so here is a list where to find cheap parking and how to search for a car parking on the Internet.

In particular, the prices of parking at the airport are very high. For the parking in a few days we can pay tens of pounds. So you should pre-book a parking space at an airport parking via the Internet and even it is better to compare the prices of different car parks at the airport.

Where to find cheap parking at the airport

If you do not enjoy saving and you would like to reserve parking at the airport directly to the airports website, so below there is a list of official car parkings at airports. If you book online reservation you can gain up to 30%.

Going to the city you should find earlier interesting parking online and compare prices between such information and whether it is covered and has a protection in the form of, for example, the cameras. Quite important information, which we do not pay attention, is the roof of the parking. If it rains it is worth leaving your car in the parking near the shopping centre, then we will not get wet.

How to find a parking space in the city center

It is best to search on NCP website. Of course there are more companies in which you can reserve parking space, but the best will be a map with all parking spaces in one place. Then we will gain time and very easy comparison of car parkings. Below we see a screenshot of parkopedia, where we see the centre of Leeds with parking spaces. Very quickly, we can compare different parking  and choose one which interests us and which is close to the place of our journey.parking mpa leeds

Where else can you find parking information?

On the websides of the municipal offices of particular cities, where you can find parking information on every street. For example, see how it looks in Sheffield or in Manchester.

sheffield car parking zonesAnother way to find the parking is to use Google Maps. Type into the web search engine a that interests you and add the word „car park” or „parking”. You will get a  in the search park w Norwich

  • Firstly, use the price comparison of parkings, which I gave at the beginning like, parkbcp or airparks.
  • Check the pages with coupons if they currently have any discount on reservations for a parking space. Follow my blog and FB, because I sometimes give discount codes to airparks and other sites that offer parking reservations.
  • 3% discount code for airparks: WM280
  • 3% discount code to parkbcp: WM281
  • If you are going on holiday you should book in advance. Booking car park is similar to booking a plane.
  • Use the skyparksecure, because they do not charge for reservations and have up to 30% lower prices than the official prices that are available in car parks.
  • Use the holidayextras, because it is the largest service offering parking spaces. TOP1 in the UK allows the company to numerous discounts and promotions. If you are looking for a parking space, start from this side.
  • Use the private car parks. Sometimes you can rent a parking space in the center of a big city for £ 5 for the whole day. All you have to do is to search through private placements of parkings. And this can be found at: Just ParkPark LetPark On My DriveYour Parking Space
  • You should reserve a parking space through the type of cashback websites. For the example topcashback gives you up to 21% discount on purchases in Airparksholidayextras and skyparksecure.