Cheap car rental

Cheap car rental is not so simple. How to find a cheap and safe car on favorable terms? Just as in the case of accommodation or other means of transport, you should use the Internet websites comparing car rental. It often happens that different parties and different companies give very different prices for the same service. You should not worry about the prices of car rental, because it runs quickly and smoothly usually at each point. But before you decide to pay your hard earned money, it is necessary to browse although several companies offering car rental.

However, it is important to remember that the cost of renting a car in the traditional hire company, even though we find the promotion or discount, will be high. Rental companies treat us like a regular customer and can offer us regular price. The situation is different when a broker reports to the hire company with hundreds reservation. There is no denying that a few hundred dollars lost on the trip is not the right option, for example, on vacation. We are talking of course about the one-day rental car, but what if we want to take advantage of it for a long time?

How to find a cheap rental car?

Browsing the Internet we can find websites offering us with a hire car from a private person. Undoubtedly, in this case the costs are much lower. Furthermore, we can also rent our car and derive the profits. Renting a car from a private person allows us to save up to 30 percent. The lower price is due to a lower tax rate and the lack of cost of a car. When looking in the right places, we can find a car to rent already for £10, and not, as in the case of a reputable hire company for £50 per day.

Before you decide to rent a car, it is worth finding out about all the details associated with it. Car rental companies almost always reserve on our credit card a certain amount of money in the event of breakage or scratching the car. This amount depends on a rental company and place of it. In some cases, even £ 500 on our card can be blocked, in the other cases only £ 200. You should also find out about the place of rent and return of the car. Each company will add an extra paid for putting the car in a different place than you received it.

All in all, we must bear in mind that car rental is not cheap. Regardless of whether we rent a car through an intermediary, from the company or from a private person, the cost of such hiring will always be significant. In most cases, it will amount to several tens of pounds per day. Of course, this price does not include the cost of petrol and insurance, because insurance is just basic. If use price comparison services we can rent a car at very attractive price.**

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How else you can find a cheap car rental? Practically every travel agency offers a cheap car rental. Therefore, before booking a car it is worth checking offers of several travel agencies, it is very likely that one of them has a promotion or selling-off. You should look at such websites as: Most importantly almost all car rentals in travel agencies which are available on the cashback. For example, in one of the largest websites of its kind in the UK – topcashback for the Budget network you will get 11.55% return and, for example in AVIS 9.45% return. Of course, these are just examples. Refunds may vary within a certain time depending on promotion policy, which is lead by specific car rental.For those who do not know how to start to hire a car, I propose to use google and type „ rent cars” then you will get many links to companies offering car rental.Before you choose a specific car rental you should check out discount coupons available on pages with discount coupons. For example, if you spend £ 60 in Europcar and enter the coupon: GBREWARD5PX2015 you will get a discount £ 20 for the rent of a car. What is more, discount from the websites type cashback will give a very good price offer.