Cheap hotels

The more money we save on vacation, the longer vacation you can have. We can save practically everything. But remember to think carefully what to do – we await two weeks of blissful laziness, not a hermit life. Some people save on transport (cheaper fuel, cheap tickets, last minute offers), others on food and entrance tickets, while a third person on an accommodation.

How to find cheap hotels among many offers?

One thing is certain – you will not find cheap hotels in minute or two. Before each trip you have to devote some of your time to search dozens of offers and select the best. Initially, I suggest to begin from price comparison websites. Thanks to them we learn what prices we can expect in a given locality or region. One of the most popular are: trivago*, expedia*, ebookers*, hotels*, booking*.


If the search using comparison websites is already behind us it is worth reviewing other popular hotel websites. We often can find on them last minute offers. In this case we recommend famous „booking*” website. Remember that regular customers have a pretty good discount. From my own experience I know that hotels search engine is the best place to find cheap hotel.


After reviewing both comparison websites and popular hotel websites, take a look at the websites, which mediate in renting rooms, apartments and even entire houses from private people. It is an ideal option if we have discount coupons, otherwise the prices are not too satisfactory, and you can even confidently say that they are high. Airbnb* offers numerous discount codes for recommending the service to friends. One more person is 19 Euro for our account.


Most hotel websites have their own discount codes. It is enough to subscribe to their newsletter subscription, and from time to time to log on to their website. We can be sure that at some time we will get from them a discount on the selected hotel. Of course we also themselves look for these types of discounts. It is enough to type in google search engine the name of hotel or service + the word of voucher / coupon code / promo code. Believe me, this way we can find quite suitable accommodations at an affordable price.


Some popular hotel chains offer, from time to time, promotions with discounts up to 50%. An example would be here Accor Hotels*, to which owns, among others: chain hotels such as Ibis, F1, Orbis Grand Mercure, Puliman Novotel. Also you should see such popular hotels in the UK as Travelodge*, QHotels*, britanniahotels* and many others that are easy to find in Google.


As you can see there are several ways for cheap hotel. Regardless of where you’re going, before you make a decision about choosing a specific hotel, you should enter its name in google search engine and look for the opinion. Most of the tourists share on the Internet their feelings about the place. It is not worth to benefit from the hotel, for which every visitor complains. Holidays for us are to be successful, and bad hotel will make that on 75% we will not remember our holiday positively. Very good and popular service is tripadvisor and I recommend goodhotelguide service relating only to hotels in the UK.


The last place where we can see interesting offers of cheap hotels is lastminute* website and group purchases services. The most popular is the groupon* and wowcher*. About the group websites you can read more in the article on this subject entitled: Group purchases


I hope that you know how to find cheap accommodation. From time to time I publish discount codes on the blog and on Facebook to well-known hotel chains as well as to hotel search engines. Reservation of hotels is trivial, finding a cheap hotel is also simple, but do not forget that once you decide to book a specific hotel it is worth to use the cashback websites. Known networks and search engines return up to 20% of the final price for reservations.The best price comparison site

Very convenient tool offering by hotels search engine is the map of hotels. You can specify the criteria and find hotel online on the map. Such maps are offered by most search engines. Below there is a screenshot of the maps of London Hotels.

Map of hotels in London

Google Maps also have this opportunity. In the browser, you should type the name of the interesting region or town and add the word Hotel. Google Map mediates hotel reservations. You can specify the date of booking. Maps use the major search engines of hotels online.

Map of hotels in London in google mapsThe last fairly important aspect for renting a hotel is parking space for our car. So the thing is that not all hotels have parking and even they have, it can happen that parking spaces are in limited quantities and that there is a parking charge. This takes place in hotels located in the centers of large cities such as London. That’s why you should consider buying a parking space on another parking. More about parking spaces, you can read in the article: cheap parking.