Cheap train tickets

Saving on travel is one of the better options during the holidays. It is widely known that one of the cheapest means of transport is a train. Where should we search for cheap train tickets and what should be done in order to their purchase was profitable and in order to avoid straining our budget? Let us remember – in the summer months train tickets are always more expensive, because at that time most people are going to the desired vacation. If we want to find something for a decent price, your search should start already at least 12 – 16 weeks before the planned date of travel. Although this time seems to be long, it is a very viable option.

When planning our trip route by the train, we should never decide to buy a ticket from our village to the destination point of the trip. Even the cheapest ticket will be much more expensive than several smaller tickets, so we should divide our way into several smaller sections. Thus, rather than pay £50 to buy a ticket directly from the point A to point E, we can buy several types of tickets (even on the same train) – from A to B, B to C, C to D and D to the point E. We can save in this way up to 80% of the price of the ticket from point A to E. This option is extremely beneficial, although you have to watch out for changes. We have to consider that our train might be late and we can have no time for another. That is why it is always best to leave yourself a little more time between departures. On the Internet there are many websites that quickly and efficiently find to us the best divided tickets. To find cheap railways just type in into Google such phrases as „train ticket” or „train ticket UK„.

Cheap tickets – a fact or a myth?

Buy tickets as early as possible. Most rail companies offer on-line sales in advance. The earlier you decide to buy tickets, the lower price can be. The principle of reservation is similar as the purchase of airline tickets. About cheap flying I wrote in an article: where to find cheap flights

To find cheap train tickets at attractive prices read the article about low-cost flying and you will easily find yourself in searching cheap tickets on the train. Probably reservation algorithms are similar if not the same.

Find out whether the carrier, which you want to go, offers discount carnets. Most popular lines have its own season carnets entitling them to discounts and provided that we use the services of a particular rail. By purchasing this type of discount we can expect: discounts for a third adult, discounts for children under 18 years of age, discounts for seniors and a free return ticket. You should check websites offering discount coupons and cashback websites.

The cheapest tickets are available at discounts for special occasions or by purchasing a season ticket. If you regularly traveling by train it certainly pays to buy an annual ticket. Sometimes there is promotion that the return ticket is free, so you should always check what is the price in two directions.

Remember that cheap train tickets are available in 90% of cases only in online sales. However, we have to buy them in advance by paying with card or bank transfer. Of course, the less besieged route the less expensive ticket is. Therefore, you should carefully consider if you fail to reach the destination place a little longer way. Of course, ticket price increases for the weekend, and decreases from Monday to Thursday. Or vice versa, all can depend on the pricing policy of the carrier.If you will plan to travel by train you should use the route planner that show us the possible train connection and propose different options not only in terms of the ticket price, but also in terms of time. Currently, the planner can be found on Google Maps. Type in a search website engine the point of departure and destination and the Google will propose a railway connection.

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