Cheap travel insurance

To use health services abroad it is necessary to show an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) as well as a document confirming your identity. As we know, not all services are free – medicines, dental treatment or vision care is covered by the appropriate fees


However, there is a way to benefit from care facilities outside the NHS system and does not incur any fees for it. For this purpose it is necessary to take out travel insurance. This insurance does not restrict us from what institutions we need to use in case of a sudden problem and does not force us also to have a universal insurance. Both treatment in state and private institutions is covered from our contributions. Moreover, travel insurance covers the costs of medical transportation, and also to a certain limit the amount of the cost of dental treatment. Regardless of the purchased travel insurance, each gives us a refund of first-aid materials and medicines.


If you do not yet have an EHIC you absolutely need to fill out an application on

Where is EHIC card respected?

Thanks to the EHIC card we have access to health protection in the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland. If something happen to us during the holidays we are entitled to free medical care. But, in any country medical care may be subjected to various restrictions. But remember that not everything is free.

What should you do to have an EHIC card, what is needed?

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • NI or NHS number (CHI number in Scotland, or Health and Care Number in Northern Ireland)

As we can see travel insurance gives us a bit more comfort than the EHIC, and also allows you to purchase accident, liability and luggage insurance. Before we leave the UK, you should see the offer of insurance companies. For this purpose, it is worth using up an Internet comparison. Thanks to it, we will choose the most advantageous, and also the cheapest option.


The insurance protection begins on the first day of departure from Poland and ends on return to the country. Depending on the selected by us insurance company, travel policy may include: benefits in case of accidents, medical costs throughout the journey, reimbursement of lost luggage, assistance, protection liability in private life, cover the costs of consequences of chronic disease, transportation costs to the insured person, as well as some less common risks as: hospital care, tropical diseases, the purchase of medicines, medical access to the patient, medical consultation, outpatient treatment, transport of the patient to the hospital, transport of corpse to the country, a substitute driver, etc.

Moreover, we can take out travel insurance not only in an individual form, but also in group form or for our whole family. Each policy can be further expanded with options such as amateur or professional practicing sports of high-risk, tournaments or competitions, etc. It should be borne in mind that some insurance companies offer large discounts for people of a certain age, eg. for those who are not yet 25 years of age.

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