Cheap gas and electricity

Practically every year suppliers of electricity and gas threaten us with price increase. Although it is inevitable, we can easily save up to several hundred pounds a year. The main rule is that the less energy we use, the less you pay for it. Below, we list some ways, which the use of which will allow you to reduce current bills.

What to do to get cheap electricity and gas?

Energy saving light bulbs

Implement at your home energy saving light bulbs. Although it is connected with certain expenditures, they are most cost-effective and will allow you to save electricity. LED bulbs, even though they are more expensive, they consume much less energy than CFL. Before you buy corresponding to your products, make a list of all the light bulbs in your home. As a result, you will not have to repeatedly go to the store. Remember to carefully check each tip. Threads may be different.



Before going to bed, turn off all the lights in your home, make sure also that only necessary equipment is connected to a poer supply. For example, if we have a boiler in the winter time we can reduce the temperature of activation as well as we can programme lower temperature at night.



If you have an electric shower, set the Economy temperature. If your workplace allows you to take a shower at work, you should use of this possibility.



Using the phone, set it on the Economy mode. If your cell phone has the Internet, make sure that Wi-fi and Mobile Data were not turn on all the time. Find out whether at your work you can without restriction charge mobile devices: phone, tablet, laptop, etc. If so, take advantage of this option



Remember that before each heating season, you should see the technical condition of the boiler. For this purpose at least once a year you should decide on servicing. Make sure that your radiators are not aerated. Try not to dry your clothes on them for a long time and not to cover them by all sorts of materials eg. curtains.


Doors and windows

Before winter you should tighten both the doors and windows. If your windows have single windowpane, you might want to invest in, ie. double glazed windows.


Household goods

When buying new appliances, home theater, or other type of electrical equipment to the home, make sure that it possess the highest class of energy efficiency. Remember that the most energy-efficient technology is LED.



Doing laundry make sure that washing machine is full. The washing temperature should not exceed 35 degrees.


Washing the dishes

Washing the dishes fill the sink with warm water, and then take out washing. Avoid washing under running water. A good option is also energy-efficient dishwasher.


House warming

Although this solution is costly, it is also very beneficial. Make sure that walls and attic are insulated. You can use the help of the government. A good idea is also insulation of porch. Thanks to this, your door will be separated from the cold. Good, but capital consuming investment are solar panels.



On the market there are a lot of interesting, useful and inexpensive gadgets that will help you increase your savings – a special shower tip, foil reflecting heat behind radiators, etc.

These are popular and proven methods of saving electricity and gas, but in order to our utility bill will decrease significantly you should look for the cheapest supplier of electricity and gas. Please visit price comparison services where you can find a list of the most popular services as intermediaries in changing supplier of electricity and gas. I personally use energyhelpline that is easy and intuitive to use.