Cheap international calls

Cheap international calls are entirely possible, all you have to do is to read this entry to know how talk cheaply on the phone.

Namely, every resident in England, from time to time has to call abroad, which is normal. Therefore, in today’s article, I focus, inter alia, on such a slogan like Cheap international calls. We are now living primarily in the Internet age, and therefore distance calls can be really cheap and often completely free. We can say that perfect scenario for most of us looks like that we call abroad when we want and to whom we want at the lowest possible rates. Why this happens? It is because of the fact that on our telecommunications market many people are interested in the segment of international calls. To a large extent it contributed to the fact that Britain is inhabited by large group of immigrants, therefore the offer is so wide.

I will look at today’s most popular offers and see how we can call cheaply:


skype free calls from PC

The first and most popular and cheapest communicator that offers cheap international calls is Skype. So, to use without any problems this device, you should only have the Internet access. The important fact is that two people have a need to have the communicator – we and the people to whom we want to make the call. Skype is an application created by such a company like Microsoft. The communicator allows us free to talk with other users of application all over the world. You just only should download the software from the official website, install it and find the person to whom you want to call. Here you can search through a nickname or an email address, an important part of Skype is also the fact that to make calls using the communicator we do not need a computer, the software can be installed without any problems on many different devices such as: smartphone, tablet, smart TV and even a gaming console. A good solution will be also a purchase of the smartphone, on which also we can easily install Skype so we can use it as a normal “telephone”. Another very important element of the application for cheap international calls is that when our recipient does not have access to the Internet and we want to call on a landline telephone, also we have such an opportunity. We can then either pay in PAYG 1.4 system 1 pence per minute or even buy a monthly package – £ 4.59 or an annual subscription for £ 52.53 and call virtually without limits.


Viber cheap international calls from mobileAnother great communicator is reliable Viber, thanks to it we see that Skype is not the only application that allows you to make free calls. If you have a smartphone and the person to whom we also call, it is enough just to use this program. It supports mobile platform iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry and Bada. The application you can use not only to call abroad, but also to your friends and family from the UK and other parts of the world. It is enough that they have a telephone and an installed application – here I want to point out that a very nice feature of Viber are also free messages – like the popular SMS, and good integration of contacts from regular telephone. When we install application on our smartphone, all our friends who have Viber will receive notification that we installed the application. On the turn, if our friends install the program, our application very quickly complement the new contacts.


lycamobile cheap international calls from uk mobile

Another program on my list is – Lycamobile, mobile application, which is a virtual mobile network operator providing very cheap calls both within the UK and abroad. A nice option is – cheap phone number to Poland, because a minute of conversation on landline phone will cost 1 pence and a minute of a call from a mobile cell is 9 pence. On the other hand if the person to whom you are calling has a Lycamobile SIM card in Poland, then a minute of conversation also will cost only 1 pence. Sending SMS, in any case, costs 15 pence, I personally recommend this way for cheap calls to Poland. More information we can find on Lycamobile official website:


Current price list (England-Poland) as at 04.07.15

Stationary calls: 1p / min
Mobile phone: 5p
SMS: 15p
within the network: free


rebtel cheap international calls from a landlineOn third place on my list is Rebtel. Personally, I use it when I want to call abroad to my friends. I have assigned a cheap phone number to friends, which corresponds to the English stationary number. In practice it is so that each have a foreign number assigned to other English local number. If I want to call I do not choose international number, but only English. I have up to 1000 free minutes so it is easily enough on my conversations with foreign countries. For this is the option to call via the Internet, so people who do not have a lot of free minutes can make calls over the Internet. You should also be aware that calls and messages within the Rebtel network are free. And what happens, as I have to call on a foreign number and do not have assigned a special number? Then I call through the application on my smartphone and the program automatically assigns a number.





The cheapest mobile operator in the UK for international calls

Talk Talk
A nice and different way of cheap international calls from UK is Giffgaff. If you do not have continuous access to the Internet, you might be interested in this offer. It is primarily a virtual mobile operator that uses the O2 mast, so the offer will get decent prices for calls in the UK and even better on international calls. I have found out that a minute of landline calls costs only 2p, on mobile phones 5p while sending a SMS about 8 pence. To take advantage of this type of offer, go to the main page of the mobile network – and request a free SIM card and activate cheap international calls from mobile. Of course, here is the ability to transfer and retain your current phone number by Giffgaff.

I now turn to the Talk Talk offer – if you are already a customer of this operator you will probably wonder about changing provider, you can be interested in option – Internatinal Call boost, because for just £ 3.5 per month, we can easily have options such as – cheap foreign number. Here I only remind that I think about landline calls. If you need to call to mobile phones, we will get about 500 minutes for calls to mobile phones for £ 5 per month.

BT is another idea for cheap international calls from a landline, because we have solved offer very similar as in the above-mentioned Talk Talk. In BT for £ 5.50 per month we can talk with people from other countries almost without restrictions. Almost (little catch) in order to avoid additional cost of each call, a call may not exceed 1 hour. However, the ideal solution in such a situation is to disconnect for a minute or two and to make a call again.

Vyke application

vyke cheap international calls from mobile

On the Vyke application I would like to dedicate a few words more, why? Because here we have: a special quality for a really low price. We have namely high quality of connections, convenience of use and minimal cost. All these elements contain just Vyke application. It is available for free in the Apple and Android application store. The main feature of the program is that it allows us to perform local and foreign calls, and sending SMS messages on all types of phones, including landlines and old mobile phones.

This application is also a good alternative for a second phone or for a SIM card for cheap international calls.

What makes it special?

Very low prices on the market:

Very low prices on the market:

  • The prices are as follows: – landlines, for example, to Poland are available in the offer for 1p per minute, mobile calls 2p per minute, however, SMS is 3p. What is important is that costs for initiating calls are not charged.
  • There is also a “per hour” billing for loving very long phone calls, Vyke also offers prices of 9 p per call from the stationary number, lasting 60 minutes.
  • We can find connections not only through WiFi, we have other options to efficiently carry out calls. As we know the WiFi connection is perhaps the most popular, but we can also connect using the method of Local Access, the option is good, when you have a free minute to landlines in the UK in the subscription. In this situation, we will pay only the standard price of Vyke.
  • A huge and another advantage of using this application is that calls with every phone in contrast to other applications are performed outside the program. This means that cheap international calls can be carried out without fear that our contact person has not installed Vyke. We can call on any type of phone, selecting the number from the phonebook, which is integrated with the application of Vyke.
  • What is important, the application is very easy to use and it provides a safe top-up. When creating your Vyke account, our profile is created, which will allow us to purchase the loan (payment by credit card or PayPal), insight into the history of calls or sending SMS. We can also send an application through the credits to another user of Vyke account.

cheap international calls from UK Mobile are very attractive in accordance with Vyke tariff and it is worth to check out their offer on the website and to compare with other intermediary companies in providing telephone services.

Now I will talk about some SIM cards that also provide cheap international calls, but slowly go out of fashion.

Firstly, such applications are compatible with the SIM card in the phone. Thanks to it we have a greater choice of methods of connections: WiFi, 3G, 4G, or call via the local number. Here, the latter method cheap foreign numberconsists of integrating the Internet and benefiting from our free minutes in subscription, if we have such minutes – we pay the same prices as we call through WiFi or 3G option.As we know, not so long ago the cards to landline phones were very popular and it was only after 2000 they were replaced by 'scratch’ cards as a more convenient alternative. The time shows perfectly how operators of SIM cards outdo one another in the fight for customers by offering ever lower prices on international calls. You only need to order a card, put it into your phone, buy a so-called credit and we can make calls. An interesting fact is that most people who use international SIM cards are still using another phone, which shows that this method proves to be inconvenient for several reasons. We are pretty much limited by the fact that we are forced to call from the house, because who wants to carry two phones? Sure, you can change the SIM card in the main phone before each call, but the owners of new smartphones in particular admit that there is really not practical solution. The good news for those, who appreciate cheap international calls and who struggle with these problems is the fact that mobile technology has moved considerably forward, so that we no longer use a SIM card to make calls cheaply to other countries. There will be no surprise to say that smartphones represent as much as 90% of all mobile phones sold in the world. Therefore, owners, who appreciate intelligent phone mobility and comfort, therefore they choose applications for cheap international calls. Why? There is because of the simple reason. The applications do not require changing the SIM card in your phone, and have a number of advantages.

  • cheap international calls from the UK are really very attractive – for calls from abroad we pay 1 p / min.
  • We also have option of sending SMS, which will be much cheaper than those offered by the English operator. An example of this might be once again previously described Vyke application, which offers SMS to all countries for just 3 pence. These applications have their own servers, which combine our connections, and hence such prices, which are obviously much more competitive than those offered by direct suppliers of SIM services

Therefore, if we have a smartphone, we have the opportunity to have applications, which allow us to make cheap calls with one touch of the screen (above-mentioned). So now the era of SIM cards can officially be considered closed. Cheap international calls from mobile are entirely possible, just is to have a smartphone and install an external application.

Below links to free SIM cards in the UK:

Ranking of telephone network operators in the UK:

At the end of my article I will present ranking of the best mobile networks in the UK. So at the very beginning EE is definitely a leader of the British phone. Second place went to the „three”, and the third to the – O2. After years of domination, Vodafone dropped to last position. If we consider cheap international number from the UK, O2 will be on the first position – they have the lowest prices when it comes to call. Here I also explain that several factors were taken into account in order to assess operators: the quality and speed of voice, text and data. On the second plan, network coverage and operation of the Internet were also very important. As reported by RootMetrics a million connections across the country were tested. It was possible to determine that all mobile networks in the UK perform better than last year and international calls have become cheaper by almost 5% to the previous year (in some networks only). Best of all networks in the tests are EE and „Trójka”, they provide according to experts the best mobile internet. Of course, representatives of the giants ensure that their projects are constantly improved in order to continually increase the range of provided services. Much worse in the tests present Vodafone, which in terms of connection to the Internet is far behind. However O2 compete for a high position in the ranking in this segment, which chairman argues that in the study in terms of the internet, it was presented the best.

In conclusion

I hope that at least I was able to help you and explain how to get cheap international calls from England, and that the networks are worth investing and we can be sure that all applications that allow free calls work properly and quickly. Of course, on the market there are plenty of other solutions allowing for very cheap or free international calls, but some of them failed to describe here, because I focused on the most important methods of free and cheap calls. We see that we should invest our money in the smartphone, which will give us plenty of options when it comes to cheap international calls. Just phone, a computer and a good application or cheap cellular network – EE or Trójka in order to enjoy the constant contact with loved ones.

I personally recommend Rebtel for international calls. By registering on this website: cheap international calls you will receive £ 4 for registrations (remember to fund your account at least £ 1)