How to save gas

In practice, most of us heats a house with gas. This means that if we do not have in the house sealed window, we will pay high bills. I use with an old furnace and live in an old building without insulation, so we are stuck with high bills for gas. That is why I am writing this tutorial to show how to help and cut gas bills.

How to save gas

1. Seal and change the windows.

heat loss in a houseThe fastest and at the same time effective way is the replacement of windows and if it is too expensive, we can seal the windows. Experts estimate that through leaky windows 25% of the heat escapes. Therefore you might be interested in energy-efficient windows. If you do not have funds on the replacement it is worth to consider whether we can fix them or sealed. In most cases it is sufficient that we will purchase the gasket and significant impact on the preservation of heat in the house. Keep in mind that the heat, in most cases, escapes through the windows so you should consider buying better windows. Currently, there are standard double glazing, and now even a window consisting of three panes are produced. Let us remember that buying windows is a replacement on a good few years and energy costs will grow steadily due to the costs and inflation. Most people do not even realize that the way to open the window has an impact on energy efficiency. Of course, non-opening windows are seal fulest. They keep 15% more heat than standard windows with mobility wings. In contrast, the sliding and harmonious doors contribute, due to its construction, for more heat to escape from the traditional tilt-turn windows.

2. Covering heaters.

Industry engaged in the manufacture of windows and window is now big business and in this matter emerged a lot of projects in the field of fuel-efficient windows. Therefore, before buying try to get acquainted with the specifications, read on the Internet what to choose and what to avoid. Perhaps the replacement of windows will be better profitable, because this investment will pay back after some time.

Radwraps Pinewoods Magnetic Radiator Cover - Black WhiteA common mistake is covering the radiators or drying for example, towels on them. In practice, we dry such towel on a radiator a whole day until we remember that it is the time for take a bath and all day radiator is blocked. The second mistake is covering the radiator with furniture or because of aesthetic reasons, eg. because someone does not like it. In the case of aesthetics you can purchase different forms, labels, etc. You can buy a new heater that looks nicer. It is worth considering the repositioning of our furniture to avoid blocking the radiator.

3. Productivity of heaters.

To increase the efficiency of our heaters you should install special curtain guiding the heat into the room in such a way that heat does not escape into the wall. Also very good are do-called radiator booster that will accelerate the heating of homes before the radiator is heated. This solution is very good if we have the old radiators and for various reasons we can not replace them. Watch a video on youtube that shows how to install the radiator.

4. Capability of radiators

Please note that the radiators have their brilliance and sometimes can affect their efficiency. The quickest and cheapest way is to take care of it to clean the radiators, because dust reduces efficiency. Such a simple task can contribute to a reduction in gas bills.

5. The replacement of the boiler.

The quickest and most effective way to reduce gas bills is the replacement of the boiler. Experts from the industry talk about savings of approximately 30% for the heating season. If you do not believe, ask your friends how their bills decreased after a replacement of the boiler, although the boiler means expense. In the case of a replacement of the boiler, it is worth to sacrifice some time and read what is most appropriate for us. You should take into account specifications such as: efficiency warranties and service. The purchase of the boiler is an investment for many years so consider what will be best for you. Read and compare the various offers. Do not rush with the purchase. Compare prices in different stationary stores and websites. I recommend the use of price comparison websites like See if by chance there is some promotion in group purchases websites.

How to find the best boiler. You should start from Google search: type the best type of boiler or something like that and you will find many websites.

I suggest that the boiler should be:
The so-called, combi oven that heats the apartment, and water.
– pressure control according to need. You know the problem when you take a shower and at that time someone washes the dishes
– Pay attention to efficiency. Since 2000 the efficiency should be around 88% or otherwise from row A. In England, efficiency is called SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK). See if you can get funding to a replacement of the boiler. About the proper choice of the boiler and separate types of it I will write soon. If your boiler is more than 15 years, the replacement of it should give savings of £ 310* per year

6. Cook wisely.

Say a woman something in the kitchen and she will ream you in terms of efficient cooking. Well, nobody likes to be preached particularly where theoretically he/she should be an expert. Of course there are effective methods to change the mindset how to do it. You can try to approach woman who cooks and has some bad habits psychologically. Try to imagine how high are the cost, and if you manage to reduce the utility bills that you can go out for a romantic dinner in the restaurant thanks to the difference in the bills.

And how you should cook economically:

a) the most common mistake that we make is to make a cup of tea and to do this we heats the whole kettle. Heating of 0.5 liters of water varies, for example, from the heating of 4 l of water. And of course do not forget to set up a whistle.3 Piece Steamer Set 22cm - Stainless Steel Mirror Polishing Finish
b) best is to cook on the burner in which the diameter of the burner is similar to the diameter of the pot
c) many dishes can be prepared at the same time, you do not have to use several pots where now there are multi-level cooking utensilsby streaming. We get a double benefit, because we save gas and also get healthier foods.
d) cooking in the wrong pots. Have you ever cook rice in a pot, which is definitely too big?
e) if you decide to buy new pots, it is worth to invest in these with stainless steel. When cooking in them, we consume about 36 percent less gas than cooking in ordinary enamel pots.
f) you should turn off the gas before the end of cooking. High temperature persists for some time.
g) using the cover we will shorten the time of preparing mealsenergy rating
h) take care of the cleanliness of pots. Try to bottom of the pots was clean and not burnt. Dirt on them is limited to 50% of heat conduction required for cooking.
i) in the case of the kettle take care of it to descale it, because stone also affects the conduction of heat. Just pour him a special descaling agent or a solution of water with lemon.

7. The shower instead of a bath.

Keep in mind that taking a shower is three times savings on water and thus do not have enough gas to heat it. Everything will change if you take a shower too long and the economy turns into a loss. Think about installing a special shower with a limitation of the flow of water. If such costs overwhelm you then you can get it for free. For example, Yorkshire Water sends a free water saving pack to their clients. See if your water supplier also has such a program.

8. Do you heats at night too?

It is worth to turn off heating at night as it would not use the heat generated by the boiler so everything goes in losses and thus it raises your gas bill. It is set to automatically start and stop. 30 minutes before our wake-up, the boiler can heat an apartment for us and when we go to work there’s no need to sustain temperature. You can set the example at 15 degrees to accidentally during the attack of frost water is not frozen at our home. Of course, automatic start and shutdown of the stove means the installation of the thermostat. However, this is one of the best investment because it will help us to significantly reduce our familiarity and gas bills.Danfoss TP5000Si

The most popular thermostat in the UK is a Danfoss device. You have the simple device up to the programmers. Of course, if the price is too high for you, we can always install a simple thermostat without a timer, which costs several pounds.

9. The easiest way to reduce your gas bills.

At the end, for the most reluctant and lazy, I introduce the easiest and most effective way to reduce gas bills in the UK. Just change the gas supplier and the best connect to your gas and electricity at one, then you very often can get a discount and pay the bill for gas and electricity from one supplier. How to change a supplier of gas and electricity? Just visit price comparison websites and preferably on a dedicated page comparing gas and electricity supplier. I recommend, because I think it is the most intuitive and easy to use. Everything is done outside of us, you need only to to change supplier of media and the new company will take care of it all. The only thing we have to do it is to give our meter data to a new supplier could give to the old supplier final data from the meters to be able to issue final bill for utilities. Most often so it seems. However, a change of supplier is very easy and we take a minimal part in this.

10. Cover your curtains.

In addition to the practical qualities, to our neighbors do not watch us, covering curtains contributes to the fact that the heat in the house will keep longer because the heat will escape through the windows – a  very simple way to reduce your gas bills.

11. Increase the efficiency of energy at your home.

loft insulationInsulate your attic through the so-called, Loft insulation. What is loft insulation: This is a material, which heats attic and which acts like a blanket and prevents heat from escaping through the roof. If you do not have loft insulation, there is statistically lost £ 150 . Do you know that you may qualify for free loft insulation? See this website if you are eligible: Free Home Insulation.
If your house does not meet the criteria required by British Gas to see if you can get it from other media providers like: EDF, E.on, Npower, Scottish & Southern

12. Insulate walls

Cavity wall insulation

Wall insulation it’s so called – cavity wall insulation. What is cavity wall insulation?

It consists in foam filling the gaps between the walls in your home. As a result, through the wall less heat escapes. Thanks to it, you can save an average of about £ 145 per year. If your house was built between 1932 and 1982 is likely to have gaps between the walls. Every home in the UK after 1982 should be built with the installation.

The installation of these insulation is free.

On the you can see how to get better savings in accounts, what will be the cost and whether it will be profitable.

13. Where else heat escapes?

You know that the loss of the heat in the form of a keyhole, mailbox, hatch in the attic, some pipes leading to outside can cost you from £ 10 to o £55.


14. The hot water tank.

If you have a hot water tank you should make sure that it is insulated. Thanks to the insulation of water tank warm water sustain longer. If you do not have insulation or if it suggests that the best years are behind this, think of buying water cylinder jacket. The installation of such insulation can give savings of up to £45 per year.

15. Should you insulate pipes?

If you have not insulated pipes, you can lose up to £ 15 . Consider buying a pipe isulation pipe isulation.

16. Why is in the apartment cold?

You may not realize but the heat from the radiator is not used at 100%, as a part is absorbed by the wall. Therefore, to all the heat use to heat the apartment you should apply the so-called – Radiator Reflector. To better understand this view see a video that explains in a simple way how does such a device operate.

17. Solar panels, heat pumps.

I tried as much as possible to bring the most important aspects of how to save gas. If you think something is missing then I invite you to comment on FB and write on the forum. If you are interested in more information on how to save I recommend to read website installing energy-efficient technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps. I will not explore this, because it is significantly different from the main theme. These issues I leave you and I recommend to read other websites. You can type in Google whether the installation of solar panels, heat pumps is profitable.