Say no to 0870

Surely many times you met with special numbers. Each of us happens to call to customer service or in any other place, by using a special number beginning with the 0870. Unfortunately, many of us are aware that this number is not free, and the bill that we later will get can significantly charge our budget. You are in a better position if you have a special tariff in cases where the free minutes are included in the subscription. This supplement, although is cheap, it is not worth the sum paid for it a year.

On special numbers we call usually when we are away from home. The mobile phones of this type numbers are not included in the tariff. This option is usually available in house phones (additional fee). 0875 numbers are basically routed to landlines. On the Internet we can find many websites, which enable us to find this special number by means of which we can call very cheap. Although the database is constantly updated, sometimes it happens that we can’t find interesting number.One of such services is On this webpage you can adjust held by us a special number to the normal landline number. Just enter the address, press the „search for an alternative number” and type the previously premium number. After pressing „search”, you get a large list of associated landline numbers. By calling on these number it is worth to use mobile phone, because in this case almost always you have a free minute. The savings are really great. Sometimes you can spend even tens of minutes to talk.For people using smartphones I recommend a special application for mobile phones that works much like the So you can look for an alternate number, even when you are away from home.

Special numbers we use almost everywhere: in banks, mobile network operator in offices. When you are in England for the first time and when you want to settle matters relating to insurance, bank account, etc. you are practically condemned to the use of this type of numbers. Selecting the appropriate tariff ensure unlimited talks or unlimited talks on house numbers.To special numbers we do not include only 0870. Among them we also distinguish: 0500, 0800, 0808, 0842, 0843, 0844, 0845, 0871, 0872 and 0873. Take care of your hard earned money and before any call you should check how its analogue numer looks like – landline number. As a result, during the year, you can really save a lot. Of course, not everyone wants every time to come to the website and check the number. But if we want to save and put things in perspective much broader than a month, this option is almost desirable. We invite you to use the website