Solar panels

Free electricity is possible. Within eight minutes the sun provides the Earth as much energy as we consume it throughout the year. This star will provide it for free for a few million years. To start using it with dignity, you should buy solar panels. In my article I will try to explain what are solar panels, how to produce electricity and where it is best to fit out and buy. Do you want to see how much is free solar energy? Welcome to my material.

What is a solar battery?

So, solar energy is „captured” and converted into electricity, thanks to the fact that this system has a solar battery, which components are called as photovoltaic cells, or solar cells. In turn, the cell is composed of two respectively adjacent to each other thin silicon plates. Subsequently on the contact plates, under the influence of sunlight, there are appriate electric charges, here from the bottom the cell is covered with a conductive metal cover. However, from the top we find a metal mesh, where is direct current forming in the cell. In case of solar panels, cells are organized in sets, it all for the construction industry is closed in sealed glass or Plexiglas enclosures.

Are solar batteries not enough?

Now I will tell about the storage of generated electricity, because it must be stored somewhere to function properly and in order to benefit from it after dark. Then you need the greatest batteries. Therefore, generated electricity is stored in the respective accumulators. Here, I want to point out that the majority of household electrical appliances is designed for AC power, while solar panels generate direct current. Therefore, in order to use it, you should be equipped with a special power inverter. Thanks to this, the current will be converted from a solid to a variable current with the frequency and voltage corresponding to the requirements of domestic electricity grid.

Is the installation of solar panels profitable?

Over the last year in the UK from 1 m2 of solar panels we can even get up to 150 kWh of electricity, so if we theoretically take a cell of 30 m2 we are able to supply electricity to a medium-sized family house, but here is a small hook, we will warm the house if we do not use this energy to warm up water and heat the house. On the question whether it is cost-effective installation of this type of panels, it is probably impossible to give a simple answer, because a lot depends on the same price of solar panesl. From what I have managed to establish it can be concluded that the uptake of solar power is one of the most important tasks for the near future in England. The only obstacle may be the high prices needed for this equipment.

Currently, in most Western European countries, thanks to the significant grants and preferential loans (below I will explain how to get a grant in the UK), solar panels have become a really popular way to cheap electricity, so the help of the state here can be indispensable. In Great Britain is a lot of companies that specialize in selling and promoting environmental and alternative energy sources, thanks to such undertakings we can be assured by full support of:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Support Service

Here, I can still say or explain that the number of cells is dependent on personal preference, but we must not forget that here we should take into account the factors as the size of the house and the demand for electricity.

How to install a full installation of solar panels?

In order to ensure that solar panels are used effectively, their assembly should be planned when designing the house. Why? Because the requirements of the system is needed to adjust the slope of the roof and its alignment with the sun. Where should we mount this type of solar panel? First of all, in single-family homes these batteries are usually placed on rooftops, of course they can be mounted on racks, which will be installed over the roof surface, unless the roof is pitched directly on its cover. Nor is there any contraindications to solar panels were installed on the facades, awnings, external blinds or on free-standing structures. Solar panels, which are placed in the windows, instead of windowpanes, may easily be used as shading. How do I install solar panels? The big plus of small solar panels is that you can install them yourself by ordering a ready set from the manufacturer. Each of the ordered elements has the installation instructions. However, the performance of larger installations is best to give the professionals.

Can we sell free energy?

Here, my statement will abound in some surprising news, as we well know that nature is fickle and the sun does not want to „load” more energy when it is most needed. Sorry, but often the situation is reversed into action. What is in a situation where we have excess cuurent? Here and in the countries of Western Europe created current can be fed to the energy network and on the basis of a special counter indications deal with the owner of network.

State aid on solar panels.

Some people know about the state aid when it comes to subsidies for solar collectors, but in this material I remind what exactly comes in grants. Namely, since April 2010 the residents in the UK can get free solar panels, and it is all thanks to the creation of the system – a feed-in tarrif. This is ability to sell energy back to the energy suppliers, through such circumstances, all producers of panels can make free solar panelsmoney on their products by installing them at the client for free, we see that in the UK – solar panels are simply profitable. Of course a big advantage for the person, who wants to start free installation of solar collectors is to save electricity. Thanks to the renewable energy we can save up to 150 pounds a year, so if we have problems with paying the electricity bill, and we live in a house, one of the options that we should consider is just the installation of solar panels on the roof.

However, if we have the money, about 7 000 – 12 000 pounds we can buy panels treating it as an investment, which over the next years will bring the annual and tax-free income. The interest rate on investments obviously depends on the amount of money spent on panels, but it can be as high as 13%. Such a solution could be a lot better than sticking the money directly in the bank. Here I will give another strong point for this type of solutions, namely, photovoltaic panels produce energy in a completely ecological way and in no way it degrade the environment.

Top reviewed companies installing solar panels in the UK

Solars funding – we know that state aid in the UK is really huge, so now I want to focus a little on companies, who install solar on the roofs of our homes:

[table width=”500″ colwidth=”20|80″ colalign=”center|center”]
The name of company,Opinion
One Planet Solar Ltd,Excellent service – installation and materials are always on time professional service and true professionals
Synergy Power Ltd,Information about sales and product information imitating the actual state of professional service not intrusive sales conducted in the systems team looks after the employees through the installation process and check every detail
TC Renewables,The expression of their work is professionalism mounted solar panels are perfectly made company can boast reliability and certainly value for money
CTS Renewables,The company has a professional recommendable professional assistance and qualified team
CJ Solar,Appropriate company a good layout of work Professional equipment and team

Of course, these and other companies we can find online, or by going to the grants for collectors to the nearest office, we will get certainly information about a few companies that will install for us ,,free source of energy”.

The benefits of solar energy

  • We can reduce electricity bills by up to 3/4. Solar energy is free, so once we pay for the initial installation, our cost for electricity will be automatically reduced.
  • We can earn on electricity that we generate is previously described feed-in system and photovoltaic panels with our home will be „co-create otherworldly atmosphere”.
  • By selling electricity back to the network we can earn a lot, because if the system produces more energy than you need, you can sell the excess electricity back through the feed-in tariff system.
  • It significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions what makes that we get in return renewable energies, which does not release any harmful carbon dioxide and other pollutants. For this system, PV can save even more than two tonnes of carbon dioxide per year – more than 30 tons over its lifetimea.

Types of solar panels

Vacuum tube collectors are in turn collectors with the absorber in the form of vacuum tubes. Here, the most important element of this type of solar panels is a special glass tube which is designed with double walls, made of boron-silicon glass. In this case the same space between the walls of the pipe pumps the air to form a vacuum of 10-8 bar, fulfilling the functions of excellent thermal insulation.Now I will talk about the types of correctors, namely, the most widely used solar panels are flat. Here, we owe nomenclature to its construction, because it has the shape of a flat plate or flat boxes. In this case, the liquid flows through a tube permanently connected to the special energy absorbing plate. The entire photovoltaic cells are enclosed in a sealed enclosure, the top is protected by glass with high mechanical strength. The back part is covered with a special and modern insulating material.

At the end I will talk about vacuum collectors. These are divided into: direct flow of medium and collectors of heat-pipe type. The first with direct heat medium cause that the liquid flow through each tube, while solar heat-pip have cooling media that do not affect the tube, and only flow and receive heat from the main tube of heat – element crowning each of the vacuum tubes. In this element the resulting blend heats and importantly enters, under the influence of solar radiation, the heat tube of to warm and to condense.

ask the assembly of solar cells different company in one place and choose the best

What should you consider when installing solar panels?

First of all, remember that solar panels are only a part of the heating system, which elements are:

  1. The pumping system
  2. The hot water storage tank
  3. The controller of installation
  4. The safety valve
  5. Main pipelines connecting the hydraulic system
  6. The supply of electricity for the pump

The total cost of the entire installation along with collectors may even take out the 13,000 pounds. So it is best to reach for help from the UK authorities to grant such an investment.

Before a summary of my material, it is worth mentioning the excellent website, which contains all information on the full installation of solar panels, the best reviewed companies that do this. More than this, mobile site allows you to use the full tariff calculator, which, together with the government introduced a feed-in tariff, it can calculate the total cost of such an investment. The website is very clear, all is described with a very high accuracy. Here I provide a link:

If you are interested in assembling or installing solar panels then try to make this company fought for your order. Fill in the form on Solar Thermal(hot water) or Solar PV(electricity).

As for calculators, I can recommend the Kolektorek programme, it is an application that lets you make basic economic calculations the most important points of view. Giving an answer to the most important question at this time:

  • Are solar panels and their installation cost effective?
  • Will energy savings cover the costs?

We know that a couple of nice years, fossil fuel prices are rising and they will continue to grow, so all calculations of recover its original investment for renewable energy sources must also take into account the increase. Otherwise, it may be lowering the profitability of investments.

When considering the purchase of solar collectors also it is worth paying attention to such factors as:

  • Do we have enough space on the roof for the planned collector area?
  • Is our roof deck, where solar collector will be mounted, not shaded by trees?
  • Has the roof a rugged design?

The case, which is not to be missed is also the choice of installer. It is extremely important that he should have the right qualifications and experience. The total operation of the installation determines not only the quality of equipment, but also their correct installation or suitable optimization and adequate preparation of collectors and other components.


Today, my article I will summarize a little in an unusual way, namely telling or praising renewable energies would not be in place, why? Because it defends itself without unnecessary praises, the fact is that it has a few drawbacks, but it will soon gain the English market. Therefore, at the end of the article I will simply list advantages of solar panels:

  • no operating costs
  • Sufficiently high productivity and relatively long life – approx. 25 years
  • Very fast return on investment
  • Free heat and direct collaboration with other heating devices
  • The most important point for many of us, the financial savings occurs here at the highest level

At the end I will say again that solar panels are now more reliable investment than pension funds. At least, so says the English deputy minister of energy, encouraging his citizens to the reflection on such an investment, because the holders of the solar panels not only get energy, but also sell its surplus. Of course, Britain is not a country such as Spain and not everywhere panels of this type is a good investment, because you should set them towards the south.