VoIP free calls

I will try to introduce the topic of international calls, which already was, but I’d like to go back and delve into it even more. Therefore, in my article I will deal with issues such as VOIP or telephone conversations prices that are still high and certainly too high for many of us. Therefore, I look for solutions that will allow you to save on calling. I will also focus on full VoIP technology – we will see if the use of it in a mobile phone is profitable and safe. I will also explain how it is with free calls in a VoIP system – whether it is true or just another advertisement trick.

Technology VoIP.

I will start from previously mentioned VoIP technology, which allows for inexpensive and even free voice calls. Here is a surprise, because most of us use the VoIP system on a daily basis, leading free calls over the Internet, through such programs as Skype, Messenger, chat rooms of various types etc. We can use this systemno only sitting in front of a computer or using stationary equipment – as VoIP gateway or IP Phone, but also thanks to smartphones. Modern mobile phones, as we know, meet all the requirements of the current Internet telephony. As a result, we have possibilities for very fast access to the Internet, allowing to install appropriate applications. Before I tell you if it is worth enjoy conversations over the internet in the mobile phones and how to turn your phone into a portable VoIP communicator I will explain why we should have such a system in our mobile phone.

VoIP in a smartphone.

Thanks to the ohe option of voip in our phone we can talk for free with your friends from other instant messaging wherever we are. We can make free calls to our loved ones, they must only download the same program and they will call us at no charge for a voice call at service provider. For this, if we use the services of a VoIP provider, and we bought a landline number, the mobile phone will allow us to receive and call from a fixed number outside the home, even if we are in another country – a really cool solution. It is very good solution, many times I heard suprised British people, who invited me to a meeting and I said that I cannot because I’m in another country and they asked how is it possible, because they are calling on a local numberHow much it costs?

I know that for this question you probably wait for since the beginning of this article, and thus the price of VoIP calls by mobile phone is made up of only two charges.

  • The first of these is the main and also the total cost of the call VoIP provider, whose services we use. Here we must remember that free calls or free calls over the Internet using VoIP are free only within the network of the same operator or Communicator – Skype or FCN. When it comes to the call via VoIP with traditional numbers, it is unfortunately paid. Therefore, the communication with the phone through this system on a regular mobile numbers does not make sense, because the price for these calls is comparable to the cost of a conversation of mobile operator. Here, more profitable calling by VoIP to fixed or foreign number. We should also remember that if we want to use this type of connection, we first need to register with the operator and of course to top-up the account.
  • The second most important thing of the cost of conversations in VoIP technology in the smartphone, that should be taken into account, is a fee for access to the internet regardless of whether we are calling or receiving a call. On the other hand, when we connect to the network in Wi-Fi technology we did not pay for the access. It is different in the case of using this technology outside free Wi-Fi network, the then we must reckon with the costs for additional data transmission.

To sum up this part, the call in a VoIP system outside the Wi-Fi network is profitable only when we have purchased a large monthly data package. Otherwise, our free phone calls will no longer be so free.


Lycamobile free calls

Now I will focus on one of the better virtual mobile operators offering telephony services on a prepaid basis. Lycamobile free calls are offers of the world’s largest providers of cheap international and national phone calls. The network today has about 30 million customers worldwide. Lycamobile as one of not many put their brand on the market only in 2006 and only in 7 years it won more than 30 million customers in 16 countries, including Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Austria and the United States. In our country, the network started its activity in November 2011, Lycamobile SIM cards are available in the territory of the entire Poland in popular stores and other outlets.






fring Free online phone callsOne of the next program, which offers free phone calls online is Fring. It allows to operate many popular network and at the same time it enables calling by any operator. The program to work properly uses the SIP protocol – it uses the vast majority of VoIP telecom, among other things, FCN or even easycall. Free online phone calls or very cheap calls also offer another innovative application, is it Viber, which without registering allows connections between its users. We can benefit from this application with no problem on the iPhone and smartphones with Android.

VoIP also has its drawbacks

Positive description of VoIP was intended to show how you can through an application to perform free calls abroad, especially contacts between England-Poland, but that was not so rosy, we need to focus on the drawbacks of VoIP, because this like every system has its drawbacks. First of all, the system is unreliable, for example, when there is no current, phones continue to work – Internet not anymore. The system requires fast and good in terms of quality links. The minimum bandwidth must reach 128 kb / s in both ways! This is particularly important for unbalanced connections, an example would be the slowest Internet option from Vodafone amounting to 512kb / s, which can cause problems. Such speed of Internet connections cannot also perform emergency calls! On the other hand, traditionally calls are routed only to the units closest to the caller, however, the Internet does not allow to determine the user’s position with sufficient accuracy. In such a situation, the best solution is to provide d your VoIP your location, but we must remember to update, for example, if you move to another area. Of course, it is difficult to count on entirely free telecommunications services, even if the fee is charged from your account and in exchange for the opportunity to take advantage of the call, you must pay the operator a certain service for packages involving the Internet.

How to save on VoIP?

To free phone calls were a reality, you should minimize the cost to a minimum in order to do so, you should take advantage of free minutes provided by some websites. A great example would be setting up accounts on sites VoipDiscount, VoipCheap or Internetcalls. During the so-called free days – currently 120, you can make 300 minutes of calls to landlines in many countries around the world including from England to Poland and vice versa. After their use, you will be charged the following charge of 5 cents per minute – to take full advantage of the opportunities of calling in services you must register and make a deposit, which can be a little confusing. Successively, fees for talking over limit will be charged it and on mobile phones.

VoIP free calls via the InternetAs far I know, the owner of the world’s most popular search engine (we are talking about Google) recently released a plenty of other services – one of them – Google Voice enters into hitherto possessed by the previously discussed Skype. It allows free calls over the Internet, it provides a cheap calls to landlines or mobile phones, there is the possibility to receipt of incoming calls. You only need to install a small software application, using the computer and the Google account, so we can set up connections between phones. Unfortunately, here too we encounter the big limitation of application …. Unfortunately, the full functionality of Google Voice can enjoy those living in the US or Canada. Calls made in this area are completely free and free international calls are charged by only a small fee. For example, to call to England on landline phone you must pay 3 cents per minute and on mobile phone about 20 cents per minute. Therefore, the use of the service in England or Poland is unfortunately very limited and difficult – here all the options do not function and there is the price list as for international calls from the US.As I already mentioned, modern mobile phones allow you to connect to the Internet and are equipped with a WiFi module and telecommunication plans. In the latter, operators charge a flat rate for the access to the Internet, allowing to avoid high charges for traditional calls. This may be the perfect tool for voice communication via a network – just you have to install the appropriate application. Of course, depending on your phone model you can use applications such as:

  • Fring application.
  • TruPhone application
  • MobileVOIP application
  • easyCALL application
  • Zoiper application
  • Viber application
  • and dozens if not hundreds other available applications, such as Google Play

For all the programs mentioned here, the most flexible is Fring, because you can install it on Android, Windows Mobile, download from the AppStore or the Ovi Store.

To wrap up the strand about the application, one of the better options for free international calls and free phone calls over the Internet is also the VPHO application offered by IPCOM Solutions. Users of VPHO can use the following functions for free:

  • Phone calls.
  • Video calls.
  • video conferencing.
  • Audio Messaging, SMS – messages.
  • File Transfer and share photos and video.
  • divert calls.

The best and cheapest VoIP providers in the UK – operating also companies

I rank VoIP companies on my own opinion, to present a comparative table of voip fees directed to certain companies, businesses and individuals.

Nazwa Dostawcy Zakres usługii Ocena klientów
 RING CENTRAL – The scope of the service – Free setup and free trial period – unlimited fax. – HD Videoconferencing 30-days Money Back Guarantee Very good.
 GRASSHOPPER Free Setup- 24 h support – Suitable for small businesses Good
VOIP/STUDIO – 30 days trial period –24/7 support – no agreement Averange (rather not recommending).
8&8,INC. Special configurable packages – Live Chat– Quality assurance No good

What is SuperVoIP

As I reach to the end of my article, I think it is worth mentioning such a system, which is SuperVoIP. It is a provider of Internet telephony with a similar surface like an ordinary VoIP. This technology, however, differs in that digital technology that allows voice transmission via the Internet is used, thanks to this solution, we have free calls and free phone calls over the Internet in the quality much higher than in the ordinary VoIP. Telephony of this type is really the ideal solution for business. There is very modern telecommunication platform, that provides not only individuals, but also businesses many advantages: a significant reduction in call costs and maintenance of the telecommunication system, free calls in the network, the corresponding low cost calls from customers and business partners, real-time access to your billing and at the end it is worth mentioning the high-quality calls and other additional services, such as fax, conference calls, free phone calls – Poland-England – plus other European countries, transfer calls, voice prompts and virtual centers, along with recording calls. All connections here are free and calls to other operators are cheaper, which will guarantee high quality connections because the servers are well located. SuperVoIP is also a nice option when you want to use it in the home – ideal for conversation – for example, with the family, between Poland and England. Thanks to this service we can significantly reduce our expenditure on phone calls

Free landline number without a phone line

Another advantage of VoIP is that you can buy (or receive for free) a landline number from different countries. For example, in Poland, halonet offers landline number in price from 74 cents per month. And, in sipgate we can get English landline number for free of charge in any chosen area. Many Poles in England do not have a landline number, because they have only internet access. This solution is perfect, because the family can call us for free even from Poland. You should only register an account in halonet, buy local fixed line number where our family lives. Very often, people in Poland have a free minute, but only for local calls. Thnks to the VoIP telephony, our family from Poland will be able to call us for free. And if you buy the phone from Gigaset company, you will be automatically assigned to community gigaset.net, where calls within this network are free.

Such a solution makes that free international calls are realistic, you should only properly choose the operator and a telephone.Brief summary

We see that there are plenty of possibilities for free international calls, maybe I did not mention all, but I largely focused on the most important ones. It is a pity that once again the statement ,,that there is nothing for free ” was proved, and advertising services – all for free, for nothing you do not pay etc is just ,,the crypto advertisement” not to say that it is exposing the customers to unncessary expenses. Of course, there is a lot of free applications that allow you to connect with other users for small stakes or for free, but there will be always a catch to earn money from the client…. Therefore, I personally believe that the best application is Skype (for calls via PC), but that’s only just my personal opinion – the choice is yours. And, for cheap international calls I would recommend Rebtel.

I use:

  • halonet, where I have a Polish number
  • sipgate where I have only English number
  • Skype for calls via PC, table, phone
  • Rebtel for international calls
  • Viber to communicate instead of sms
  • Gigaset phone with the possibility of connecting four VoIP numbers