The best places to live in England

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The best places to live in England

Probably you are wondering where is the best place to live in Britain. The place where smart people live, where there is no crime and where is close to schools and doctor. If there was a map on which all the data are marked from the number of offenses to information who are our neighbors, it would be nice. And here I have good news for you. This map exists.

In one place you have all the necessary data. Everyone who lived for some time in England knows that such information as the coefficients of rent housing from private owners and from the elderly is quite important. Also, the important information is the fact whether your neighbors are educated, work or maybe they retired. You wonder whether the amount of crime in your neighborhood decreases or increases. Such information is important, because your car insurance will be more expensive and if you want to buy an apartment also a residential insurance will be higher.

Such a possibility can be found on this page:

The map shows the colors of the various districts of Leeds. It is easy to interpret that the red color indicates the worse areas from green. From personal observation, I can confirm that the colors on the areas largely reflect the reality. Personally, I would prefer to live in green areas

best places to live in britain

What will exactly we learn from the map? To illustrate the possibilities of maps I chose a random address 6AW Beeston Road LS11 in Leeds.

On the first tab you will find information about the area, which are flats, average prices and the overall score. Data cannot be addressed in detail, but rather in these categories as: there is not safe, either there live single and unemployed young people.

standard of living rank

Another tab shows the statistics of crime.

total crime rate - best places to live in uk

Such data are already quite important and in particular whether the number of crimes is increasing or decreasing. And exactly what are the crimes: theft, or murder.

Current crimes are best to check directly on the police website. Enter and then select on the main page Crime maps and enter the address you are interested in.

By selecting a particular street you can find out what crime was committed. In this way you will find out whether on your street is drug trafficking or whether there was a thief of a car. The data can be compared with others and you can draw some conclusions, eg. that in safe neighborhoods there is a high theft and anti-social behaviors occur bad neighborhoods.


map of crime in Leeds

crime statistics

crime in Leeds

Returning to our illustreets website very interesting information can be found in the Neighborhood tab. There is the data about the inhabitants: who inhabits houses and who owns them.

Who is your neighbor

In the People tab we find out whether our neighbors have education and whether they work.

does your neighbors are working

Summary about best places to live in UK.

If you are going to move or buy a house you should look at the data given on police website and illustreets website. Thanks to it you will avoid surprises with your neighbours. So the thing is that in England it is very important in what place you live, as not all regions are favourable to hard-working people. More and more often we hear about discrimination against people in the UK, but that happens when you live in a poor, backward and violence-stricken areas where people do not even have an education.

Where is best place to live in England? This question becomes easy, if you see the map of England, which easily transmit data from statistics.


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