The meeting of Polish investors in the UK

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The meeting of Polish investors in the UK

Recently by Facebook I have just known that small organization in the UK like also in other countries organize the meeting of Polish people in the place where there is no internet and sometimes there are problems with connection.

Blogger went to a meeting of investors

I decided to go with my camera and watchful eye of blogger. I wanted to explore why Polish people like to help each other’s.

All Polish people which belonged to that organization were gathered around common goal, namely around investing.

There were above 100 people, mainly from the UK and a few people from other countries. It all started on Friday night and as a standard the beginning was presentation and then common campfire where we could eat susages and drink some beverage.

This climate favors establishing contacts.

However I decided to come back home because overnight in the barrack is not in my style (first wrong decision) and in the morning I came up again near resort. It is worth also to mention that I had a short distance to my home that is why I like to live next to communication nodes.

Since the morning, every hour people were presenting their stories and there were also persons who wanted to sell something. On such meetings it is very common.

„Polish people in the first place are Polish people” Tom Clancy – The Hunt for Red October

The first speaker

The first speaker was Michał Zwierz. I’ve never hear about him before but he knew what he’s talking about. At first I remind myself all read books about building image and brand.

Z resztą marka zawsze była jest i będzie bardzo ważna. Michael’s presentation was very interesting, especially for people who have no idea about the term of „mark” and how to be noticed in XXI age. In today’s times business evolved thanks to Social Media.

Michal Zwierz

If you want to know more about Michael, go to his FB:

The second speaker

The second lecturer was well known in the majority people Marek Niedźwiedź who specialises in the dullest domain – taxation. However what he said was really interesting.  Of course some people didnt know what he was talking about.

The most important topic was the company for landlords and the last legal changes which contribute to the fact that the owners of houses who have credits must pay higher taxes. Thus I’ll try to make a podcast about it and if Marek will have time I will interview him on video. I’m interested about investing in real estate for some time and I had a few questions. Is it better to buy the first property as a private individual or on company.

Marek Niedźwiedź

If you want to know more about Mark, go here on his FB:

The third speaker

The next presentation was about investing in new wind farms likely in Ukraine. The Energy Invest Group Company is looking for investors and it has presented the investment programme. I must in all honestly say that this subject is very chancy for me but some participants was interested by investing.

I prefer my own exchange. An investing into shares would seem dangerous but as compared to investing on Ukraine? Hm…. . Proximity of „green people” scare away

Energy Invest Group SA

More about company on the following site:

The fourth speaker

The following speaker was the specialist for talking. Mr. Wojtek Kołodziejczak, the lawyer and currently the networker as he calls himself. He was talking about first 60 seconds during the conversation. That time is really very important. Much can be done and it is worth to prepare those first 60 seconds.

Not from yesterday it is known that human is reviewed within little while and if you will mess u pit will be much harder to build any reasonable relationship.

The first 60 seconds is the most important and much can be done especially with a woman. That’s why you should be ready earlier.

The presentation was good of course because Wojtek has a big experience in that type of speeches and he take to the stage like a duck to water.

It turns out that I’m in a black hole and I need to work on self-presentation. Well, learning in technical school and University of technology has its own side effects. Sometimes it is faster to understand computer than a human.

Wojciech Kołodziejczak

If you want to know more about Wojtek, go to his FB site:

Between performances were short breaks, sometimes there was presentation after presentation and of course we had a break for lunch. During that time the people interested in networking were building new relationships or simply “sealed” just known during the last night by the fire. If you will analyse it in a good way you will see that in practice Wojtek’s presentation about „60 seconds” works. Some people have big experience in natural capacity to making new relationships.

In the same time I watched over my sitting place. I didn’t care that I was surrounded  by several of empty chairs.

The speaker number five

Now it’s time for another presentation, that time Andrzej Knotek was talking about amazing supplements, about their whole series. Naturally, the healthy lifestyle is on the top right now. The presentation was very nice. It is simple that everyone will be interested in helthy life. My wife wanted to buy all supplements unless she saw the price ? Who like who but I represent the poor class of bloggers.

Mr. Andrzej wanted to encourage people to buy products and joining to organization. I noticed that Softmarketing works in model like mlm and it is very good solution for people who want to try in business world but they don’t know what to do and they don’t have anything to sold out. Such companies are something special for them. In my opinion the prices of products are too expensive but it is very common in comapnies working on „mlm” model. I don’t know if someone bought a product of that mark and if someone decided to join the company.

If you are looking for comapnies offering interesting business mlm across the area of Great Britain you should necessarily get to know with that post: I’ve become a distributor of Kleeneze

Andrzej Knotek

If you want to know more about Andrzej, go to his FB:

The sixth speaker

Mr. Jacek Grzymała was the next speaker. He’s a colorful character and he told his story in unique way. His hobby is very specific and I think that he was remembered by a lot of people. (here’s the first presentation about mark building). If you want to know what is his hobby, use gogle and Facebook. Check the web and you will know.

However, Jack was talking about investing in land in Mazuria and I admit that it is quite interesting form of investment, especially because it is hard to buy ground in Poland. Is that business worth something? – there’s no clear answer. Unfortunately I don’t have much time at the moment to deeply study this topic.

Jacek Grzymala

If you want to know more about Jack, go here to see his FB account:

The seventh speaker

Mr. Arkadiusz Bąk provided knowledge about investments in distant Asia. The simplest way in business is effective networking and that method was used by Arek. Many people knows him and thanks to powerful networking he gained a lot of relationships and recognition. There were few enterpreneurs in the room but they were known only by several people. After Arek’s business presentation there were a lot of willing people. He offered something what does not work in practice yet and he still had interested people around him. This makes me think that it is worth to think more meticulously, how Arek builds his business.

Arkadiusz Bąk

If you want to know more about Arek, go to his FB account:

The eighth and the ninth speaker

At the end of the day the last performer was Dariusz Malacha and Michał Słodczyk who together were talking about their investments in properties. It is worth mentioning that Mr Darek is director of GIC in the UK. Basically each participant know him and I wanted to find out why he is so well known. However after careful study it turned out that Darek actively acts on Facebook and Off-line since recently and he has steadily built its market position. Thanks to Facebook or YouTube you can develop your recognition which when properly directed will contribute to business functioning. This is very important. Who remember name of Darek’s company? It doesn’t matter cause a key aspect is Darek. Thus when you are going to build your personal mark or brand name it is good to consider if it is profitable to use your name in the brand name. Samples: Steve Jobs – Apple; Elen Musk – Tesla etc.

Dariusz Malacha i Michael Slodczyk

If you want to know more about Darek and Michael, go to their FB accounts: &

The formal part ended at 20 PM and the large majority of people reached enough level of knowledge and it was noticeable that people were tired and hungry. At the end the organizers provided the campfire, susages and there was also a possibility to make new relationships.

What was happening when nobody’s watching?

Below I post my photo with readers of my blog (the world is small) and with Paweł Albrecht who claim that he has big knowledge about properties. Someday I must to make some podcast and give a series of questions concerning investing and check the knowledge of Paweł in practice.

Radek Paweł i czytelnicy bloga

At the end of day we could ask specialists any question and they were answering to the interested ones.

seria pytań

I have checked the parking so it was possible to do a full, mandatory review.

pełny parking

There were some people who tabled amendments at the last minute in their presentations. It is clear: the more photographs and interesting facts, the better.

przygotowanie prezentacji na Invest Camp UK

There is no party without memorial picture

pamiątkowe zdjęcie

The lectures were very exhausting so the massage helped a lot. Unfortunately only one participant benefited.

masaż na Invest Camp

There was sufficient information available so some participants tried to make better and more valuable notes. Today almost everyone just take pictures.

notowanie na prezentacji

Kind of „five” means that some greater agreement was reached. Did this arrival was profitable?

no to mamy deal

The climate created by campfire, sausages and shashlik is unforgettable. Furthermore all with good companionship.

ognisko kiełbaski i doborowe towarzystwo

ognisko polaków w UK

ognisko kiełbaski i doborowe towarzystwo na Invest Camp 2017

Naturally, the youngest participants also had some tasks to do and surely it was not listening to lectures.

Co porabiają dzieci na Invest Camp

zakulisowe walki


All photos are available on Facebook. If you want to see it, CLICK HERE.

The last day of Invest Camp in the UK 2017

On the last day there were many speakers and less listeners. Perhaps some participants might roast suasages too long. Such activity by half the night can be tiring.

The first performer was Paweł Trofimiuk which specializes in crypto-currencies. The following topic was a completely unclear. In the meantime I have the Bitcoin portfolio but I’m not going to study it in detail by the next six months. Sooner or later it is great idea to interest about crypt-currency. On blog you can fin dan article about it entitled.: What is Bitcoin but further development of topic I put away in a drawer.

Paweł Trofimiuk

If you want to know more about Pawel, go to his FB site:

Upcoming lecturer

The presentation was conducted by director of the whole GIC. The speech was successful and Mariusz was talking about achievements and failures of GIC. What I liked the most was in particular the vision about building the strong, international group. Emigration reinforces doubly thanks to that. Who will make sure about us if not we ourselves. The following group of peoplemay have strong lobby. I see no reason to hide that wealthy people rules the world.

Mariusz Matrjek

If you want to know more about Mariusz, you can visit his FB site:

The newcomer talks about something that people don’t like to hear about

After good performance the time has come for me. I was asked to tell something about retirements in the UK and what are the practical methods of money investment to enjoy life in old age and how to avoid catching-up by working in Tesco. I hope that some listeners will act responsible so they will not cry in the age of 65 years old because for example they don’t have cash for medicines.

So today if in the news I see random grandma crying that she doesn’t have money for medicines I’m not sufficiently committed cause I observe how many colleagues nonchalantly approach to the subject of their future insurance and they keep saying „would I live until the next day? I need to enjoy life and not save money on retirement”.

moneygrabbing opowiada o emeryturach w UK

If you want to know more about me, visit FB site:

How within 2 years buy 6 properties

It is worth to mention that Dawid Dowbusz also gave a presentation. A few days ago I’ve made an interview with him.

Dawid Dowbusz i jego inwestycje w nieruchomościClosing my list:

The other persons have their performances at the end. Mrs. Aga Moczyńska who told about loans for privately owned social housing in the UK. Mr. Mikołaj Roszak was telling about investing in Poland and Mr. Piotr Maruszczak showed in what way we can build a portfolio of properties when we have an existing full time job.

Piotr Maruszak

Aga Moczyńska

Mikołaj Roszak

Why it is worth to go on Invest Camp in the UK

First of all you can make new, profitable relationships. You can also experience practices. If you’re wondering about investing in properties, you can talk with Polish people who have their real estate since few years. There are persons who have even several tens of them. I did not put any questions about it. At the congress there were different groups of people. Some were directors of big companies, while others came there with their own ideas having a full time job.

Thus such open meetings are especially needed abroad and meeting the countrymen and see on their own eyes that it is possible to achieve something in the UK.

To pursue the professional career, the one thing you need to do is to ask successfull people in that field for tips and copy their actions.

The following meetings are very inspiring and you can base on other people’s experiences or just roast a sausage with abundant Polonia, what is very rare in British conditions.

Am I going to go there next year

I would rather to be there cause I very much appreciate that kind of picnic. If deadlines allow I will show on the next Invest Camp in the UK. What’s interesting where my „blogging” will be.

Within those 3 days, by intensive research (if someone sit there whole day, he knows why he is excatly here) of all participants and speakers I start my implementation of new quality in my „blogging”. Amongst others I will create mores pace of comfort (lesson from Arek) Additionally next to presentation must be prepared a curious history (lesson from Jack) Never sell anything in speeches that kind (lesson from all speakers) The presentation itself has another goal. The sale is not main goal of well-placed showcase. Presentation allows presenting you as a person you are and, what are you doing for living and you can attract listener’s attention. Sale contract follows after presentation.

Here some several other information minor or major breach that I will only mention but next year it will be possible to see the effect of that on blog citing.

What is all for

To be successfull in any field you need to constantly develop yourself. My goal was indicated very long time ago, namely I would like to be entitled to retire in the age of 55 years old (if the faster way is possible, it would be nice extra). The effects of my work you can see on that blog


Acknowledgments:gwiazda Invest Camp

Special thanks to Paweł Fesyk for sharing professional photographs: (

I would particularly like to thank my wife that she passed through the marathon.

A grand applause for Tatiana making sure that everything was working fine. (






Invest Camp 2017 UK - uczestnicy




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