Below is a list of tools that I use and recommend to others. Running a blog for some time can be expensive, so you should also take care of financial matters. In the list I have listed the most important tools I use and whether from a paid or free version.

I tried to give all the important programs and companies with whom I work. Sometimes the free version is enough, however, for my own reasons I decided to buy a paid version or upgrade to a higher package.

Of course, the list does not reflect all the tools that I use, so it will be gradually increased over time. In free time I will add more applications or a list of plugins I – web application to track the downtime of my blog. I get prompts when and how long my blog does not work. Thanks to this I can check if my hosting is at a high level. The account is for free and I recommend to register. – a system for managing mailing and landing pages. I have purchased a package of up to 10,000 e-mails for PLN 1151 per year. I recommend to all beginners who are looking for a simple system to manage email marketing. It is worth adding that up to 1000 subscribers are free. –hosting works on VPS with additional RAM memories and I pay PLN 87 per month. Already the second year the blog is on this platform and for the time being I’m happy. – application for managing goals and targets. The basic version is free.

5.waveapps –I run accounting in wave apps from the very beginning. I am very happy and enough for the so-called Sole Trader. The application is free.

6.aeXea –company in which I have registered a virtual address. The annual cost is £ 150. –web application in which technical analysis of charts of listed companies. I use a free account. on this page, I make fundamental analysis of the company. I have a subscription for companies in the UK. Cost – £ 225 per year. online notebook. I usually post my analyzes of listed companies there.

10.dropbox – cloud in which different files are stored. I use a free account. All my devices are connected to an account with dropbox. – website for creating and managing landing pages. I have a special version purchased in a super promotion for $ 49. The normal price is PLN 99 per month. – SEO management service. I follow the key words, I check the competition. A real combine in its class. I have a special version bought in a super promotion for 250 words, for which I paid $49. Normal subscription fee OPTIMUM 250 words is $24.8 per month. – and the blog’s analysis is answered by Google. One of the most popular and it’s free. – Internet monitoring and Social Media. I use the Personal Plus subscription for PLN 89.

15.webtexttool – optimization of articles for SEO. I use the Personal Plan subscription, which costs 19 Euro a month. I managed to buy it for $ 49.

16. Later – application for automatic posting. I use it to service Instagrama, where I can automate 30 photos per month for free. Very nice tool – I recommend.