Transfers from England to Poland

On 25/11/2015 I made update of the comparison of international transfers involving the simulation of transfer of £ 1000 from England to Poland via popular websites, which intercede in the international transfer of money. The most recent such statement I made in June and in January 2015.

A last statement you can read in the article entitled: cheap transfers to Poland.

Where are the cheapest transfers from England to Poland?

In comparison to the last statement, there are still major discrepancies in the case of the transfer of £1000 from England to Poland. This shows that it pays to carefully choose the intermediary company in transfering our money. The current leading companies are very similar to the last, but there are some differences and a new winner, who is trying to get as many clients as possibgle, namely

The company has a very good currency translation and does not charge commissions. You determine what cost of the commission you want to pay, it may be a penny or anything. Thanks to it, the cost of transferring money from England to Poland is very attractive. In second place is, which also has a very good deal

The current difference between the best and the worst company was 222.96 zl in the case of the last statement was 275.43 zl. So the trend is downward and companies are beginning to compete with each other.

transfers from England to Poland

As a result of the personal analysis of different companies here is the TOP 3 for companies engaged in transfering money from England to Poland.

  1. TransferWise
  2. Transfergo

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