Trip to England

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A trip to England

A dream about the fact to finally start your own company in England is great not only for the Englishmen, but also for the citizens of the European Union. The final decision is difficult and can have a huge impact on whether a company is successful, so you should know the pros and cons of running a business in the UK. However, many entrepreneurs from other countries are considering a trip to England. Media constantly focus of migrants taking the jobs, etc, but the mass of people start businesses in the UK.

It is well known that running a business in other countries is associated with many difficulties, and offices instead of supporting entrepreneurial clients, introduce complex and incomprehensible rules that turn life of entrepreneurs into a nightmare.

The situation is quite different in the UK, where owners can enjoy a range of facilities, and if problems arise, they can count on efficient help. The main advantages of doing business in exile in England are: primarily the lack of need to rise your own capital, which in the case of young entrepreneurs can play a key role. However, with regard to the responsibility for the actions of company they apply only to the amount that was a possible own contribution.

Simple and understandable rules

Entrepreneurs, who have chosen to operate in the UK, have much less of things to do in the submission of mandatory reports. So instead of dealing with things that only make it difficult for them to work, they can focus on their business. Entrepreneurs, who decided to set up a business in the UK, as the greatest benefit show friendlier economic system than the one that works eg. in Poland.

Against the background of English legislation, Polish are much more complex and intricate. To the detriment of entrepreneurs operating in Poland also it affects the interpretation of the rules, which usually takes place in such a way that entrepreneurs are losers.

Favorable taxation activities carried out in the UK

In favor of doing business in the UK also suggests the amount of money exempt from taxation. While in Poland it amounts to little more than 500 pounds, in the UK is almost ten thousand … pounds. In Poland every entrepreneur, who revenues exceed 25,000 pounds, has an obligation to pay VAT, while a work in England requires discharge it after exceeding 79 thousand. pounds. The differences are therefore visible to the naked eye and this is another argument in favor of moving the business to the UK.

The benefit of conducting business in the UK is supported by the fact that you can pay income tax to nine months after as the fiscal year was completed. As a result, the company can turn the money over several months. In Poland, the tax is withdrawn from the first month of activity and the company is deprived of funds which in the first years of a new business could be used for further development of the company and hiring more people.

Also what for young entrepreneurs operating legally in Poland, can sometimes be disruptive to their business, i.e. huge compulsory contributions that you have to pay for ZUS, businesses operating in England, looks much better for the benefit of entrepreneurs. For example, an individual, self-employed capacity in Poland, which each month pays contributions amounting to about 166 pounds, in the case of the British equivalent of the Social Insurance would pay only …

10 pounds. It is no wonder that those who have moved their companies abroad, do not even take into account the return to the country in which each side are exposed to trap and where the state wants to draw from them all the money.

Retirement benefits for entrepreneurs

Behind this, to decide to go to England and start there running your own business, speak more issues related to pension benefits, which in the UK are much higher and also easier to obtain.

After a few years of, entrepreneurs will be entitled to a small pension, but after completing thirty years of contribution period you can obtain the right to full British pension, which amounts to more than a hundred pounds a week. In Poland, however, is not enough that contributions are high and disproportionate to what we later obtain after retirement, and what is worse, there are presumptions that after a few decades people will not have pensions at all.

This all shows that the question of whether or not to go to England, is badly placed, because really, instead of wondering „if” you better think about „when”. On the other hand, if someone has managed to achieve a greater or lesser success in Poland, is such a person easily can handle in exile and thus will be able to increase earnings. Starting a business abroad requires a true knowledge of the language, but nowadays it’s not a problem.

Easy access to language courses, both online and traditional makes it easily possible to meet even the specialized vocabulary without leaving home. If we decide to go abroad, the question arises where is worth to go. Therefore, if you decide to leave country, prepare plan by yourself. Currently, on the Internet we can find a lot of information about how to prepare for such a journey.

As a result, in the UK there are many international companies that have contacts with their native countries and thereby trade and so-called – know-how increase.

Disadvantages of life in exile

Life in exile is obviously not without drawbacks. Apart from the obvious, like the longing for home country and loved ones, sometimes it is difficult to find a new location. In a more comfortable situation are those who wish to conduct business in England, based mainly on the activities of the network, because in such a situation you can prepare ahead of time base of potential customers and start business talks.

Everyone should therefore make your own decision about where to start a business. Both choices involve some risk, but as far as running a business in Poland is exposed not only to the fact that they simply fail to succeed, but also to the numerous difficulties on the part of officials, the business in England cannot go wrong only because of poor business model. Regardless of the country, you can always enlist the help of a company or professional who provides consultancy in establishing companies. This specialist will also help in completing all the necessary formalities so that you can completely eliminate the risk of error.

Full time work is convenient, but if you want to earn real money, and you have not got a job as a director or a well-qualified professional, in such a way you will not achieve greater financial success. Of course, the decision about your own business, not once will bring huge profits, but over time there will certainly be more and more.

Emigration to England

It is said that (so according to the media) to England are leaving people to pick up work or to receive benefits. And the truth is different. Most enterprising people, who could lead businesses in their home country or do vertiginous career but decided to live in the UK (obviously some people come to receive benefits, but that is fault of the system that is so generous and allows for pathologies). Nowadays, even millionaires leave their countries.

Very often it is no longer even financial reasons, but rather people who emigrate looking for normal life. A clear example is that the richest Poles Jan Kulczyk owns a house and an office in London. The famous Polish first „millionaire” Cebulski moved out of Poland for good to England. A former Minister Jacek Rostowski gets the English retired and has two houses in England.

In England there are about 21 thousand Polish companies and over 65 thousand as a self-employed.


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