What is cashback

What is cashback?

At the beginning of this material I will try you realize – what is cashback and how it works?

Cashback works on the principle, for example – when we are in a store that offers this type of service, we pay by card for the purchased goods. We conclude that the cash would also be helpful, because for example, we have to pay for something else and our wallet is empty… When paying for purchases in the store we say that you want to withdraw cash from your account, give the card, accept the transaction and we get cash to hand with printout from the terminal. So, in one transaction we do purchases and the cash payment. So, in short – cash back service gives us the opportunity to withdraw cash at selected shopping and service centres at a time when we pay with a debit card for goods or services, and in this way I answered the question – what is cashback and how it functions.

Benefits of Cash back service:

  • collecting cash at a given service and commercial services
  • cashback offers convenient options, thanks to which we do not have a need to look for the ATM.

Ale to zapewne każdy wie. Dlatego skupię się na przedstawieniu sytuacji gdy za zakupiony przedmiot dostaniemy zniżkę właśnie dzięki usłudze cashback.

Which companies would I recommend?

Here in England, two such websites that offer cashback on really favorable terms are distinctive

1). Topcashback this is one of the largest websites in the UK offering a return of a part of the money we spend on online shopping. TopCashback is as good as Quidco.com Why? At the start it gives us £ 5 for free. On the website we can compare this service with competing websites of this type, but some offers are only available on one of the websites, so there is nothing to attach to the particular importance and I recommend registration in many domains to have a true comparison… It is worth remembering that the website on which we do shopping does not matter, the important thing is that we can buy satellite TV, electronics, trips, food or vacation and get back some of the money which we spent, that is, our – cashback.

,,The same commodity, the same online store, shopping cheaper by 10%, 20% and sometimes even 30%”.

At Topcashback we can easily find more than 100 promotions – I also encourage you to register. But before we buy something, it is worth a look below at some additional information.

Rules of the Topcashback:  

  • enter on TopCashback.co.uk and register – free of charge
  • among the available offers we are looking for needed services,
  • click on the specified link,
  • buy the product

After a sufficient period of time the money goes on our account – when registering or shortly after, you should only choose how and where you want to receive the money.

On the website: : cashback, refunds for purchases you will see a comparison of the most popular websites of this type in the UK.


It is worth to be careful to avoid a situation where we went first to the shop, then we visited cashback and then we back to the store, because then it, the target store will be able to refuse to pay the cashback … Therefore, after the first visit to the store just before logging you should remove (cookies) from your browser and there will be no trouble. It is best to have some other browser to our cookies always indicated that to store page we were redirected from websites offering refunds for purchases.

If I could convince you that you should use the website offering cashback, you should sign up on the  Topcashback website.

What is cashback

I’ve saved 475.86 pounds through purchases in TopCashback and you?

Sample some hot offers from the service:

  • TalkTalk Phone and Broadband and return up to £ 136.50 for the signing of a new agreement
  • Sky Digital TV & Broadband return up to £ 99 for signing a new contract
  • Groupon, new and existing users, return up to 7.35%
  • lastminute, booking a hotel, return up to 13.65%
  • hotels.com, booking a hotel, return up to 12.6%
  • insurance in Direct Line, reimbursement up to £52.50
  • shopping on ebay return up to 1.05%

TopCashback service offers two types of accounts: Classic and Plus. The main differences between them are that for the recommendation in the Classic you will get £ 5 and in plus up to £ 7.5. Plus offers greater bonuses up to 5% and bonus to earned money up to 10%. How much is it? In both accounts, nothing. Classic is free, but a plus costs only £ 5 per year and is taken from your annual earnings.

2). Imutual – a newly created website is a bit different from the present services. Mainly it differs from the other website that in addition to reimbursement for purchases it also get shares of the Imutual company. With this option, anyone who registers becomes co-owner of the website, which gives us the ordinary profits of our shares over time. To be the owner of the share we must undergo a process of registration of the shares on the website, which is very easy.

Operating Principles of Imutual:              

  • Service has better returns from other popular websites of this type,
  • Referral service will receive 100 shares,
  • The payment is over £1,
  • website is clean and simple to use.

Comparison of cashback websites:

  • Topcashback – Referral Bonus £ 7.50, the minimum threshold is £ 1.00, the amount of all the shops – 4000,
  • Imutual – Referral Bonus 100 *, the minimum threshold is £ 1.00, the amount of all the shops – 3000.

Why / when is it worth?

In conclusion, cashback is an excellent option to withdraw cash in a foreign place for us, because we do not have to waste our valuable time on searching for an ATM, and the number of points on which we can make payments is calculated already in the tens of thousands. It is an ideal solution that saves time every day – when doing the usual shopping we can accomplish two transactions simultaneously. I hope that I have explained what is cashback and it is a viable option for convenient and safe shopping, and this in a few places completely free. You only need to register safely the debit or credit card and you can get cashback on shopping in the store. It is really noteworthy opportunity, which is worth investing your time.


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