What is EPC rating

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EPC rating co to jest

The project „Blogger buys property for rent in the UK” has completed and some additional articles will be created and those that are planned to show even more what is important in investing in real estate on the British market.

Today I want to show what exactly EPC is and what’s worth remembering.

The EPC is nothing but an energy performance certificate. This document contains information on energy consumption at home. There are also references to what should be done to make the energy efficient house and thus keep your electricity and gas bills lower.

The consumption is shown on the characteristics from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient)

It just so happens that the EPC is required by law when the property is being built, sold or rented.

The law orders you „E”

It is worth mentioning that the current law requires that the rented property should have at least an „E” in its energy efficiency assessment.

If your home has „F” and „G” then it cannot be sold as well as rented. Financial penalties for non-compliance with law are £5000.

Remember EPC is mandatory on the side of the seller.

Now, make it for free and online

Reports are available to everyone and can be checked at www.epcregister.com. Just enter the address. Also, on this website you can find a person, who will perform EPC for your property.

Thanks to this, you can quickly check the surface of the property.

what gives EPC to an investor in real estate

Marketing real estate values

Very high rate on the EPC characteristics ha salso marketing values. This is an advantage, because high rating means low bills.

Of course, in the era of lack of flats, many people don’t pay attention to such a detail. That is why the government forces property owners to improve their homes’ energy.

How long does the EPC take?

The average time to complete the EPC assessment is from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What is the cost of carrying out the EPC assessment?

There is competition on the market and prices vary in different ranges. The standard rate is around £50. Some companies charge £100, because they check the EPC by the way. That’s why I recommend comparing contractors’ prices.

Below you can find instruction on how to avoid overpaying.

How to find the cheapest contractor?

This part is available after sharing it with others on your Facebook profile.

To find the cheapest company, it’s best to add the advertisement on the websites like mybuider.com or ratedpeople.com, or use specialized search engines such as www.reallymoving.com/energy-performance-certificates/get-quotes.

Of course, there are many more services on the market that offer similar services.

It’s definitely not worth calling the first company you find, only compare the costs of the service.

The more so because in the case of this service it’s very difficult to compare the quality.

For example, the reallymoving service says that on average people are able to save as much as 44 pounds.

So why pay more than necessary?

saving on the EPC report


If you are doing an EPC for your property, it’s worth using a few tips and investing in improving energy efficiency.

Remember, an investment can be returned quickly thanks to lower bills.

Well, you’ll be more „ECO„.


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