What will happen if you get sick in the UK

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What will happen if you get sick in the UK

A person, who suddenly feel ill – or worse, who becomes disabled and who struggles with a number of problems, not only with those related to ill health. Financial obligations become a significant burden at that moment, while at the same time we lose a steady income. What happens if someone gets sick in the UK? What the rights has he got? Which sickness benefit can he obtain in the UK? Where to go in such a situation? Feel free to read.

How can you obtain benefits in the UK in the event of loss of health?

You should ask your employer and within 28 weeks you can count on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). You won’t be dismissed – you will be on a sick leave. The condition of that is that before the accident you should earn 112 pounds per week minimum per two months. This allowance amounts to more than 88 pounds a week, and compared to your salary before the accident, they are probably a pittance. For me, it is pocket money and I would have no chance to pay all bills.

If you do not have life insurance or health insurance, you should have a look at these two pages: CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

It is of course possible. There are employers, who have higher amounts in their regulations, but it depends only on their good will. You can also cut a deal with the employer that for some time he will allow you to work remotely or at hours that do not interfere with your treatment or that he will move you to the position where you will be less burdened physically or will bring to you a special equipment, for example, an appropriate chair or customized keyboard. If you reach the retirement, in this situation maybe it will be a good solution to take early retirement.

Benefits in UK

Benefits in the UK will help you in case of illness may free from financial problems – or at least significantly reduce it. You can obtain Personal Independence Payment, Employment and Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Carer’s Allowance or tax breaks. All such benefits I specifically describe in a separate article.

The way to lower bills

You can ask the companies with which you have media about the benefits. You should verify whether you can obtain Warm Homes Discount – you can save up to 140 pounds, for example, on heating in the winter! You can also be on their list of priorities – households, which the media will be restored as soon as possible under any circumstances

Small grants

In England, you can also apply for an allowance for NHS prescriptions, dental care, ophthalmology, as well as expenses associated with transport to health centers. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland recipes are of course free of charge.


If your rehabilitation requires huge financial outlay, you can ask the charities that they organize the collection for the needy!

Your previous security

You should review your insurance policies. You may find that they cover the costs of rehabilitation, in the event of job loss and they will help you to repay the loan and so on. Do it as soon as possible, because policies often have a specified data within which you can ask your insurance company! I have recently checked my tourist policy and it turned out that in case of an accident I have to inform the insurer of this fact within 24 hours.

How to looks like a sickness benefit in UKAdditional help

You can ask for help from a person close to you or find one from the advertisement – she/he can help you do shopping, clean and help in everyday life. Not for long, I’ll describe how to get the money for the salary for the person who helps the sick, even if she does not live with him.

God helps those who help themselves. 

Your physical illness and financial problems may contribute to depression or neurosis. If so, visit your doctor as soon as possible! Remember that despite any problems, your health is the most important. Sick leave in the UK and other benefits help you quickly recover or significantly improve your comfort, so not only should you reasonably prepare for their gain, but also … to release the money!

There is relatively well developed social benefit, so I recommend you to consult the government and see how does sick in the UK look like

Summing up the post of disease in the UK

While a person is healthy it is fine, but it is worse when unforeseen accidents appear. Probably not once you have seen the advertisements on the Polish store that someone collects money for transporting corpses to Poland, because the „last journey” is not cheap. It is already an extreme case, but they occur. Therefore, you should just in case prepare a plan B in the event of a disaster.

It is best to have a safety cushion for at least half a year, that to be able to survive without a salary and be able to pay all liabilities. In my case, it is approx. 12 thousand pounds. My average monthly expenses oscillate between 2 thousand pounds. So if anything happened to me or I lost my job, I would prefer feel safe and have free funds (these may be deposits, stocks, funds etc.) in the form of 12 thousand pounds.

Have you got children and maybe are you pregnant? If so, I have good news – you are entitled to free life insurance.

Another very good option is the insurance, but such insurance must also be properly chosen. These ordinary and the most popular and also the cheapest relate to the protection of our family only in case of death of the insured and what if you are not able to work due to accident – in this case, cheap insurance cheap won’t be good.

The most important thing is to try to pay attention to your finances. I recommend you to read the blog, because you will find dozens if not hundreds of tips on how to generate savings and how to finally start making additional money. I recommend you to subscribe to the guide about saving and earning in the UK.

I hope that now you know how disease in the UK looks like. Of course, this article does not solve all the problems, I can boast that I’ve never been on a serious sick leave in the UK, so if you have some experience, please share them in the comments.

NOTE: I present private opinions and I am not responsible for the readers’ decisions. I always try to present current information but may no longer be up to date. Therefore, before making a decision, please verify them and consult a licensed financial adviser.


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