Where is best to book a hotel

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3 places where is best to book a hotel

You probably sometimes ask yourself the question of where is best to book a hotel? My task today will be to supplement this knowledge through such a device as – browser or search engine of booking services. Meetings of „travellers”, inspired me to address the topic of search of cheap hotels, because this problem occurs primarily when we travel alone and need a single room. Then often we are faced with the dilemma of how to choose a place to stay. Whether it will be hostel, hotel or apartment?

Finally spring has come and probably everyone looks for the holidays or trips for the weekend.

So no matter where we wanted to stay, we have to take decisions before the trip to reserve a suitable place. By the way, you have to decide what to take with you. To do this, use the various search engines to be able to compare prices of rooms, location and hotel facilities.

This is my list of booking websites where is best to book a hotel:

1) Trivago

This search engine will help find the perfect hotel available in virtually every corner of the world. At Trivago we can find about 700 000 accommodation places. Of course, we can find – hostels, luxury apartments and about 200 booking websites – so there is plenty to choose from. Moreover, the service gives the possibility to use the filters, such as:

  • the type of hotel,
  • assessment,
  • facilities,
  • equipments for rooms and types of sports activities.

How does the service work?

Simply enter your main destination, in addition to the date of arrival and departure and the number of people in the room then you will automatically get search results, and these results in turn can be filtered by price, assessment, distance or popularity. Filtering search results can be also selected by the use of filters, such as: assessment of clients, number of stars, type of accommodation and even the equipment of room or number of rooms – select the offer is redirected to the booking site, where we finish reservation.

Be sure to read the entry on how to find cheap hotels in the UK.

2) Hotels.com

It is the search engine, offering an overview of selected services hotel booking. Hotels.com is also information website, where we can find current promotions and discounts in selected hotels with specific examples. The website also contains comments of readers and opinions on hotels.

How it works?

We give a destination, date of arrival and departure and the number of people in the room, having verified the results, we can sort the list according to the number of stars, distance, price or even the same customer ratings. Here we can also choose the hotel that we are interested in a particular price range and the type of room. After a few moments, we are redirected to a specific website, where we can make a reservation. Of course, the whole process takes place in the option „online booking„- detailed information on the reservation are specified in individual sites on which we make a reservation and which we can check on hotels.com.

3) Booking.com

This is one of the most popular reservation systems in the world. Hotels or other types of accommodation shown on the website are not always the cheapest. However, you should have in mind here that it is worth to use it, because you will find here more than 26 million opinions of other users about hotels. And it will probably help us in finding hotels that we do not know, and we would like to know what other travelers think about them. Booking rules are exactly the same as in the other website described above. The service offers the possibility of using additional filters when it comes to booking hotels in the search results – eg. price range, number of stars, meals or the type of hotel.

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Other ideas

There is one page worth of attention: www.travelodge.co.uk – there are very cheap and good hotels, it is worth taking an interest in them. In addition, you can also visit the websites of specific hotels. Even if they are chain hotels and single hotels. Of course, here the official websites of chain hotels should have the lowest available rates, due to the guarantee of the lowest price, thanks to which there is a chance for considerable reduction of price and sometimes even overnighting for free.

On other websites of hotels you can find various promotions that are not anywhere else, because the most profitable is to sell the accommodation directly on the website and not through other portals, often receiving considerable commissions. Moreover, if you want to book a room for a night in a particular hotel, you can also write an e-mail or call and ask for a special offer.

What to do to book a cheap hotel:

  1. look for discounts on the websites of discount coupons,
  2. check deals on the websites of group purchases,
  3. check discounts of the cashback websites,
  4. check, if you have to pay for parking (including, for example, hotels in central London). Perhaps it will be cheaper to park at another parking.

To sum up my entry about 3 places where is best to book the hotel

Hmm …. and it would probably be enough, because more ways of where is best to book a hotel do not come to mind, but as I recall or find something, I would probably write something else. If you have any favourite websites, which you always look over looking for a cheap hotel, you can share them with me.


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