Where to find cheap flights

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Where to find cheap flights

Today’s material will be about traveling by plane, I’ll explain how we should behave during the flight, what is allowed and what is not allowed to do on the machine, where to find cheap flights, how to book a flight and what we should take with us. I know that air travel and especially the first trip including this means of transport is quite a stressful experience. I prepared the following information to go through this painlessly.

At the airport

At the beginning of our planned travel, remember to always appear at the airport early. We usually get this information from the appropriate travel agent or airline, which is engaged in selling tickets. Often, such information can also be found on the electronic ticket. Here only I want to point out that it is worth paying attention to our low-cost airline was primarily PROFESSIONAL. Best is to trust and invest in proven brand airlines. And the question is – where to look for cheap flights? Answer is here – in proven airline companies!

Ryanair – cheap and good

Personally with all the responsibility, I can recommend the Ryanair. It is a fully professional Irish airline, by the way is one of the largest aircraft bases in Europe. The fleet here has more than 300 planes of Boeing 737-8AS type. Currently, Ryanair carries up to 80 million passengers per year in 25 European countries. The carrier also deals with flights to Turkey, Cyprus and Morocco. Lines from the very beginning are developing very dynamically, and therefore the carrier often provides cheap airline tickets – it is a way of advertising to encourage people to travel just this means of transport. Rayner cheap flights – is the slogan promoted in our country, it is to attract the largest numbers of new customers who want to travel to abroad. From what I could determine, indeed tickets with that carrier are really competitive, at least in comparison to other. Therefore Ryanair may be the perfect choice for long trips.

After a brief description of which an airline can be attractive and in which you can invest, I will back to the theme. If you arrive at the airport and we are already in the center of the airport, we must pay attention to the queue to exit. When it’s our turn we should be prepared first and foremost: your luggage, ticket and proof of identity.

Baggage check-in – what to look for:

  • Before we leave the luggage, you might want to attach to it a note with your name and address
  • If your flight is without indicated place, then this is the perfect moment when we can suggest where we can sit. (I do not recommend in the behind the tail and close to the engine).
  • We must remember about boarding pass, you will have to show just before boarding the plane.

Then we go to the passport control. Here you want to point out that this is the perfect time where we should say goodbye to the people, who arrived with us at the airport. Successively we are looking for the exit to our plane – the information is on the notice boards, the name of our flight. It is worth to say that depending on the airport, getting to the appropriate gate can mean to stand in another queue. Here, very often, passengers are reviewed whether they do not carry prohibited items, explosives, etc. – So we should not be surprised because of this type of control. This control refers to the need for x-ray of your baggage and to go through the metal detector. When we are at an appropriate exit, we should wait for the start of boarding. Of course, it is announced through the appropriate message. After the message, we go to the exit by showing identification card and boarding pass – a card goes into a reader, then we get torn piece of paper with the seat number in the plane. I will back to theme of plane and safety conditions and there again and now I suggest a few keywords with the same tickets, which are used on the Internet by some airline companies…

How to buy cheap tickets           

When booking tickets in cheap airlines, unfortunately, requires a large cleverness and often lot of patience. So that our plane flight was successful, and at a reasonable price, we must pay attention to a very clever system of air, which often precedes our steps, thus we overpay. It is therefore important to outwit low-cost, because there is a good chance that you’ll save!

Cheap airline tickets are cheap, until we begin to book them, then all charges – from baggage, taxes, airport charges, booking fee, foot space and so on are added to the price of ticket. Through such treatments suddenly our ticket is much cheaper than that bought in cruise lines and even it may happen that it will be even more expensive, but in the holiday euphoria we do not even check this, because the starting price tempt us.

We must bear in mind that ticket prices on cheap airlines websites are able to change very often and even several times a day. It is therefore important at what time we check them. Of course, prices are rising quite significantly just before the weekend, it is known that when fewer people are working, so there is more time to plan and book flights. Therefore, the question of how to search for cheap airline tickets – I have a simple answer – you should just stick to a certain rule. This means that it is worth checking prices of tickets several times a day and just waiting for the opportunity – the more time spent on searching the ticket, the best price of the ticket we get.

We should also remember that if we want to buy a cheap ticket, we should not type in search the exact date. When you enter the exact date our trip ticket will be more expensive, because if we give it, we’re on it theoretically determined. Therefore, we enter the date up to two weeks earlier.

If we want to save, we should also remember that some lines display option how many tickets in the pot were left. If you need four tickets, and we see the price of 40 zlotys for three tickets, and 70 zlotys for the last one, so unfortunately all our tickets are counted at a higher price. So it’s best to break the transaction into two, that is, to buy two tickets in the cheaper option, and two normal. Then we make sure that nobody will conquer us money.

At the end of this topic for addicts of flying, we can confidently recommend this option as – cheap airline search. There we will find some answers to the question – how to find cheap flights. I would definitely recommend given above ideas or casual waiting for all kinds of discounts and promotions on the sides of the airlines. And there are a lot of them and they are definitely worthwhile. A search of cheap airlines certainly helps us do that.

Plane take off and onward journey

When writing this material I mentioned a lot of threads to complete it successfully. Now I will describe the same flight. Assuming that you booked flight and we answered the question how to find cheap flights and where to look for cheap flights and we are already on board – we now need to be prepared to take off:

  • To this you must fasten your seat belts.
  • Be sure to turn off cell phones and other electronic equipment.
  • You should straighten the back of the seat.
  • The most important – you should put off all matters until the plane would fly into the air.

Before departure, all passengers must take places, while the flight attendants check if everyone is here, close all hand luggage racks, and check that everyone fasten seat belts. After all this operation, the plane begins to taxi to the runway, which can sometimes take a while. After some time we hear a loud voice of engines with the highest rotations and then the plane should jerk gaining high speed. The next step is to peel away from the substrate. The beginning of the flight itself can be rather unpleasant, as the machine will soar sharply, while doing its turn guided to the correct course of flight.

cheap airline searchThe flight and landing

After leaving and reaching cruising altitude you can detach belts, however be borne in mind that it is suggested to hold the seat belt for the entire trip.

What is allowed and what is not flying:

  • Do not beset other passengers.
  • Do not invoke the flight attendants if you do not need help. And if you want to drink, eat, or have a question – we call her using the button placed over our head.
  • Do not invoke the stewardess if we bought a meal, because she will give it at a certain time for all.
  • Do not smoke on board.
  • Alcohol is permitted, but you should not drink too much – (for bad behavior you can be arrested).
  • We can walk on board of the aircraft only then, when it is necessary!

The landing takes place by lowering the height, we can then feel a slight dizziness and twinges in ears. Aircraft approaching airport lowers height, and we have a chance to see through the window aircraft area to which we decided to go. At some point, we should hear and feel the thump of wheels on the tarmac and then begins the process of braking. Here you will be accompanied by noise and, after a short time the plane will just glide along the ground to the appointed place, and we should sit on the place with belts fastened until the plane stops. We should turn on phones after getting the signal from the main screen in then we can safely undo the belts and go out. If we get to the place happy, we can conclude that the airplane flight was successful.

When getting out of the plane we will get straight to the airport or the bus that will take us to the airport building. There will be a wait us passport control, then we have to go after our luggage. Bags are delivered after landing by conveyor belts. Successful airplane flight finishes by taking luggage off of the tape, making sure again that we do not need to visit the customs office (located at the airport). Sequentially we leave the airport.

Below is a list of cheap airlines:

Where to find cheap flights? – a lot of Internet users ask this question, Cheap airline tickets are obvious but how to look for cheap tickets


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