Which is better National Trust or English Heritage

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Which is better National Trust or English Heritage

One of the specific features of the UK is the availability of tourist memberships, which allow us to year round visiting of certain monuments, both in the UK and in several other countries.

Such associations are very popular in the UK: visiting the monuments and interesting places within the booklet of one of the memberships are the most popular leisure activities among the British. Generally speaking, we can choose between two basic options: English Heritage* and the National Trust*.

Each of these companies offers a different places and monuments. The offers also very in price and in several other important respects. As it was mentioned, this form of spending free time is very popular in the UK. This is confirmed by the numbers. According to official data the two associations together have almost five million members at this moment. And, almost four million people have membership carnets in the English Heritage, while about 700 000 people visit interesting places in the framework of the National Trust*.

Of course, a lot of people in the UK have both one and the second membership. This is due to the fact that the two associations have different places in their offer (there aren’t monuments in the National Trust, which are included in the list of attractions offered by the Heritage Angielski, and vice versa).

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Of course, we can just immediately buy a membership in both English Heritage and the National Trust, and then we can visit all the attractions in England, Great Britain and other countries, which are offered by both companies. It seems, however, that better solution is to look at both offers. It may in fact happen that monuments and places included in one of the offer are completely enough for us or for some other reasons, the offer of only one of the two companies best suits us.

What are the costs?

Of course, the first factor, which is very important for the the vast number of customers are the costs of membership in both associations. First, it is worth noting that both companies offer two types of carnets: Annual and „for life”. Both offers will also find a variety of discounts, promotions and the possibility of combing carnets. The annual cost of membership in the English Heritage* is £44 . In the case of National Trust the cost is £48.5, but for the first year of membership we can use the discounts for new members (in this case, membership will cost us £38.38 ).

Where to find discounts on tickets?

Discounts can be easily found on the pages with discount coupons. The list of popular sites in the UK can be found on the website: Discount coupons. Also, it is worth checking out whether there is any promotion on the sites with group purchases. There are also websites with cashback. So, thanks to the TopCashback* you will get a discount (at time of writing the article) there is from 5% to 8% in English Heritage* and the National Trust offers £ 5.75 discount. The last way to get discount is just to ask question to me, because I have permanent access to discounts in English Heritage.

Prices of memberships „for life” start from £643 for people over the age of 60 to the amount of 1,410 pounds for couples in English Heritage. In the case of the National Trust the prices start from the amount of £775 and end at the amount of £1,420.

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Both companies have also discounts for minors and offer family carnets. English Heritage offers the customers a free membership for people up to 19 years of age. In the case of National Trust free access is available only for children under 5 years of age. However, you can buy a special booklet for young people (up to 25 years of age). Its price is 22 pounds per year (16.50 pounds in the first year of membership). The National Trust also offers family membership: they can by purchased by parents (the annual cost is then 63.38 pounds for the whole family), and grandparents with the possibility of inclusion in the membership of their grandchildren (£ 84.50 annually).

The comparison of offers by the National Trust and English Heritage

The main difference when it comes to the content of offers of the National Trust* and English Heritage is the geographic location available within the membership. In the case of the National Trust we have not only the places and monuments in Britain, but also locations in countries such as, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Babrados Islands (the offer of NT contains space with up to 13 different countries).

In the case of English Heritage we have available only places and monuments in the UK (over 100 locations). Does this automatically mean that the offer of English Heritage is more attractive? Not necessarily. The offer of English Heritage is admittedly less extensive, but according to a large number of visitors English Heritage offers more interesting locations. The places that we can visit in the framework of English Heritage include, among others, famous monuments, such as Stonehenge, Battle Abbey, Tintagel Castle and Charles Darwin’s house in Kent.

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Moreover, in the framework of English Heritage we can also receive a 50% discount to Warwick Castle in West Midlands, as well as numerous discounts or free admission tickets to a lot of theatrical productions and musicals.

So what is better to choose?

I really like to visit both, but for me it is a big expense to buy two membership. Also, I noticed that English Heritage* organizes some events, where the admission to, for example, the castle is free but you have to buy a ticket for a specific event. Secondly, English Heritage usually offers the visits to old castles and actually ruins and tour ends in an hour.

In the case of the National Trust, I noticed that when I visit a property that belongs to the huge garden and you can spend on walking even a few hours. Prices are different, but when I want to visit something in the UK, I buys a ticket and just visit something interesting and with the purchased membership I would feel obliged to the fact that I need to visit somethingm because I purchased it. And, therefore, I have a choice to visit something or not.

And you what do you prefer?


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