Why you shouldn’t go to Invest Camp UK

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Why you shouldn’t go to Invest Camp UK

Today, I want to discourage you from coming to InvestCamp UK 2019.

If you’re  a person who likes peace, security and spending evenings watching TV and as well as you’re a self-contained person and you complain about your low salary and benefits, this event is definitely not for you.

You also run the risk of coming to Invest Camp UK, where for over 3 days you will be in the company of enterprising people, who want to change something in life and have succeeded.

You risk that you can change yourself.

More specific. You risk that you give up your favourite series, you risk that you won’t go to parties with friends anymore.

You risk that you can return from such an event as a different person.

Be sure to see the photo gallery from Invest Camp UK in a year 2017

Am I exaggerating?

A man does what inspires him and exactly the surroundings. If you don’t change this surroundings and what is worse, you’re negatively oriented to life – there is no chance that you will change something in your life.

That’s why if you meet better people than yourself, you find out with your own eyes that people who do big businesses, invest in themselves and in real estate are really normal people, just like you.

But they have a different approach to life. They deal with finances differently. They spend their free time in different way.

After such 3 days of conversations with many people who don’t complain, there is a risk that a change may occur in you. And it may not necessarily appeal to your immediate surroundings.

CLICK HERE, if you want to find out how it was in 2017 at Invest Camp UK

I’m going there for the third time and so far I have already bought 2 properties. Previously, about 10 years later, renting a flat was the achievement.

Once a man was happy that he had a steady and reliable job. I remember times when I was happy with the contract. Today, I’m rather focusing on whether to set up a LTD company or whether SPV this year or whether I should wait.

Invest Camp UK foto z organizarotem

Photo with the organizer of Invest Camp UK

This is what a few years ago in my free time I travelled regularly to meet entrepreneurial Poles in the UK, InvestCamp UK or ASBIRO Investors UK was an abstraction for me.

Probably a lot of people from Poland wouldn’t recognize me anymore because I had a big change.

So if you decide to come, you risk that different person may come back. Of course, this is a process, but the most important thing is the „spark” that will start the transformation.

Someone who has a new idea for himself, a new business idea.

You may find yourself starting a new collaboration with someone you don’t even think about.

The same applies to me.

Who would have thought some time ago that I would be an investor in real estate. Or that I will have a Ledger Nano wallet and I will support the development of the Polish crypto Sapiency. And I could give many other examples.

And remember, always the nearest surroundings determines who you will be.

Are you sure you are ready to risk?

InvestCamp UK is a place where 300 entrepreneurial people meet and you can find out how to get back home, you will be 301

As I first came, I started my adventure by checking that all the walls are simple. And today is history. Today I’m a different man.

You can see the entire transformation on Fanpage @moneygrabbing.

Also, your peaceful, safe life in front of your favorite TV series will change 180 degrees and you’ll start a new unknown adventure.

Are you sure about it?

If you don’t want to change anything in your life, it’s better to stay at home

Change is a process and it’s worth starting as soon as possible.

Below is a photo that means so much to me. That’s why I am asking for SHARE on Facebook.

It’s worth sharing knowledge.

Marysia at Invest Camp UK

My Marysia is 2 years old and she was on two Invest Camp UK. And how does it look with you?


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