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Ideas for business in the UK

Zaktualizowano: 11 wrz 2022

The UK is a place where, according to various estimates, from several hundred thousand to over one million people from Poland live permanently and works there. In addition to Poles who came to the Islands with the intention of earning money and then returning to the country, the island also has a huge population of Polish citizens, for whom Great Britain is a place of permanent residence.

From the business point of view, this means huge opportunities for entrepreneurs who would like to set up their own lucrative business in the UK.

What are the most interesting options in this area? I will present a list of some very interesting ideas for your own business in the UK, which can be a great alternative to work on a full-time basis or other less-lucrative and less-comfortable ways to earn a living.

The most interesting ideas for business in the UK

1.A restaurant with Polish cuisine

Everyone who has been in the Isles for a short time knows perfectly well that British food is not particularly tasty. Therefore, Poles living in the UK are using massively Polish stores, where you can buy typical Polish products, as well as restaurants offering various dishes of Polish cuisine.

However, it should be emphasized that now, there are far fewer Polish restaurants in the UK  than stores with Polish food, which is why this sector can be considered as very perspective sector.

What’s more, it isn;t said that the only clients of our restaurant will be Poles living in the UK. First of all, the British are also more and more delighted in Polish cuisine.

Secondly, it is worth remembering that UK is a real mix of different cultures and nationalities. For us, Poles, Jamaican, Thai or Indian cuisine is exotic; similarly Polish cuisine may be exotic and therefore appealing  from the perspective of citizens of other countries.

If we want to establish a more prestigious place, instead of the current Polish cuisine, we can serve real Polish cuisine, i.e., dishes belonging to the so-called Old Polish cuisine: game, venison, quails, pate, cranberry, etc.

In this way, with a high degree of certainty, we will be able to attract more affluent Polish customers, and perhaps also clients of other nationalities.

Unfortunately, but so-called eaterie that serves ordinary dinners and the restaurant is only a name won’t achieve great success. The restaurant must have something to attract customers who will leave more than 10 pounds

2. Bodybuilding restaurant

This segment of the restaurant industry is developing at an extremely dynamic pace. In the UK, there are many places of this kind in which trainers can eat meals whose composition is profiled exactly to their needs.

So far, however, there are no such restaurants that target the Polish client. And, it’s known that half of the success for each business is the ability to properly hit customers.

Surely, Poles living in the UK also eat in bodybuilding restaurants. If, however, similar solutions appeared, (run by Poles and addressed to Poles), probably Polish customers of British restaurants or bodybuilding bars, would have no hesitation in changing the place where they sit.

3.Cleaning services

This is another segment of services that is growing at a very dynamic pace, which creates significant prospects for earnings. Self-employment is associated with many problems, and a cleaning company may seem like a simple solution. Running such a company, we can recruit only Polish employees. This will allow us to better control our staff as well as lower employment costs. What’s more, it is worth remembering that although xenophobia is clearly a negative thing, none of us is completely deprived of it completely.

In this case, it means that Poles living in the UK will certainly much more willingly let into their home a cleaning team consisting of compatriots, than citizens of other countries.

A cleaning company is a brilliant business idea in the UK for people who work for a minimal national amount. Why? Because having a company, they will earn a lot more.


Crafts. This is another interesting and unconventional idea for business in the UK. It turns out that the British simply adore Polish handicrafts, especially those clearly containing various motifs of our folk culture.

Of course, in the case of this type of company, a lot depends on our initiative, creativity and other predispositions, which determine whether the work of art will find the recipients and will earn a reputation or not.

So it’s a risky idea, but if we have an unquestionable talent or know the art and we are able to complete a really good team of hand-makers, it seems that it is worth a try.

You can always order production in the east of Poland and sell in the UK at much higher prices thanks to a well-built brand.

If you’re at the stage of looking for a business in the UK, I recommend using the Google search engine and simply enter in it: „business idea in the UK”. Also, my blog is in a sense an idea for a business, where I described the first list of earnings from a blog.

How to start a business in the UK

You can find many ideas for business in the UK on the Internet. However, it is worth remembering that most, unfortunately, won’t be a good idea. To be successful, focus better on something you like. Does it affect every business?

Definitely not, but at the very beginning it’s very easy, because you are still full-time employee and you feel that your own business is something you want to do.

Example: You like to drive a car, so transporting packages between Poland and Great Britain will be for you. In another case, such an idea for business in the UK would quickly collapse and not survive the first 6 months.

What are other ideas for the business in the UK

  1. window cleaning

  2. lawn cutting, garden care (it is easy to enter a subscription service)

  3. personal trainer

  4. catering with Polish cuisine

  5. online store

  6. babysitter or even a babysitter agency. More and more Polish women have a problem what to do with the child when she needs to get back to work

  7. dog hairdresser, hotel for animals, a dog walker

  8. carer of the elderly

  9. construction company, handyman, more and more Polish landlers need help in this area. For example, comprehensive renovation of houses to meet the requirements under HMO

  10. a mobile steam cleaner. Why do you have to go to the car wash, let the car wash come to you;

  11. a car mechanic, preferably one that will repair the car on the driveway. Even if I had to pay more, I would use the services of such a mechanic. I gain the time and I don’t have to go to the mechanic and wait for repair.

  12. baking cakes

  13. Hairdresser

  14. Beautician

  15. Starting sales in the mlm system and building a network

  16. Training from English courses to courses of every area of ​​life

  17. Help in filling the forms

  18. Sales of loans

  19. Insurance sales

  20. Polish clinic

  21. Transport of people (can be uber) as well as packages. The big market is in terms of transport to the airports

  22. Subtenancy

  23. Tailoring

  24. Recruitment agency

  25. You can become a blogger

  26. Dietician

  27. Accountant

  28. Bicycles repair

  29. Cleaning boats

  30. You can become a copywriter and write articles for others

  31. Interior decorator. Home staging has recently become more and more popular

  32. Property manager

  33. Web designer

  34. Masseur

  35. Photographer

  36. Installation of garage doors, entrance gates or entire fences

  37. Installation of alarms, monitoring

And many other services. The list is already quite extensive, so you can do something about it. If so, start working in your spare time. Instead of watching stupid TV programs, you can already act as a self employed

So how is this idea for business in the UK

There’re a lot of different methods of earning through your own business. At the beginning it is worth meeting with other entrepreneurs in the UK. Even if you’re trying to open a company in the UK, start training in areas such as marketing or sales.

It is worth to learn the basics of accounting and find out what are the forms of running a company in the UK as well as how it is with axes in Great Britain. The faster you focus on acquiring the right knowledge, the faster you will succeed in business and your business idea will quickly turn into a real business.

I have no idea for business, so what should I do?

This is still the solution to your problem. Get interested in franchising in the UK. It so happens that most businesses fall during the first two years of operation.

It is different in the case of a franchise, thanks to which you get a ready idea for a business. What’s more, it’is already proven and very often the owners check whether you are suited to this type of business.

The example of this is McDonalds

You can find more information about this topic by CLICKING HERE

Summary of the business idea entry in the UK

It’s really very easy to find a business idea, but it’s always worse to do. In the end, 9/10 businesses fall in the first two years.

Fortunately, you can improve the above statistics starting with two simple things. Namely, take on a business that is our passion, hobby, etc. Because you will work 14 hours a day at first and often without holidays and 7 days a week. This is usually the beginning of running a business and lasts even the first two years.

And secondly, start training in running a business. Get the right business / tax knowledge and marketing, use the latest achievements such as software or business procedures.

I would also add a change of surroundings, look for new friends (if you don’t have one) who is already running a business. It’s the fastest and the best method for learning to run your own business.

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