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The average cost of maintaining a child in the UK

Zaktualizowano: 12 wrz 2022

Maintenance of the child isn’t cheap in any more developed country. What will be the average cost of child maintaining in the UK? Here is a brief overview of the most important issues.

The total average cost of child maintenance

According to the statistics preparing per year by Centre for Economics and Business Research, the total average cost of child maintenance in a Great Britain is currently 217 thousands of pounds. Naturally there are some differences between the given regions of UK: the most expensive is the child maintenance in London.

Within 21 years of living their child they will spend average 253 638 pounds for amongst others his guardianship, education and the other needs.

The cheapest region in this respect in the Great Britain is the Yorkshire and the Humber: here the average outcomes are about 214 thousands of pounds.

The most important position if it comes to statistic is the field where we see information about cost per one child in the uk what concerns taking over a child (over 70 thousands of pounds within 21 years) and education(75 thousand pounds) The further positions contain the outcomes like for food(almost 20 thousand pounds), the holiday outcomes(17 thousand pounds) and the clothing(over 10 thousand pounds).

We will pay a lot for hobby, the interests and the after-school classes: statistically it will be around 18 thousand pounds.

Certainly these are payments for the food like also for the interest of child we will pay more for example if our child will have some unusual passion or hobby. We often like to buy the organic food which has a high quality.

Even several hundred pound in each year you can return if you have predestined relationship. More about it in the article: What the Marriage Allowance actually is. You should also necessarily get to know about financial advantages of getting married in the UK.

The most expensive period of life in child’s life is the four first years: within that time we will spend average 75 thousand pounds. In the next period(the 5-10, 11-17, 18-21 ages) the spending’s are getting lower and it is valued for about 50 thousands of pounds for each period of life.

I personally confirm that the money disappears in a fast way.

koszt utrzymania dziecka w UK Baby 0-12

The average spending’s within one week

The biggest spending on child in a Great Britain will be associated with social service. In Poland it functions completely different model of social caring by a child in the first years of his life: the grandmothers are very helpful and the baby is sent to the kindergartens. In the Great Britain reality the biggest popularity gained the services of careers.

The cheapest option is the Registered child-minder(something about over 100 pounds per one week)

In that case we need to consider costs of 100 pounds per one week. Naturally, Au Pair must to receive from us a room and food. The most expensive option is hiring a Part-time nanny(namely: the nanny for a part-time job).

The government in the UK helps to the parents and they got a special tax exemption, more you will find in the article: What the tax-free for children is

Here 25 hours of social caring by baby per week will cost us from 240 to almost 400 pounds per one week.

It is necessary to remember that we say about average costs in the territory of the whole Great Britain: in the case of the biggest English cities including London, the all mentioned spending’s will be certainly higher.

There are visible differences not only between the village regions but also between large cities and England, Wales and Scotland (England is the most expensive) However the child in the UK is a significant cost therefore many people reject the partner hood in young age.

Living in England is expensive that is why you need to get to know with  financial tips for parents in the UK.

The food and other expenses per one week

Naturally, the comparison of child maintenance’s costs in the UK per one week cannot exclude also the other standard spending including amongst others the food.

Statistically the average cost of child maintenance in the field of „food” in the Great Britain is about 100 pounds per one week, Naturally in that case there are differences between the given regions of country.

If you want to get some more detailed information it is worth to use advanced calculators of costs for child maintenance in the UK like for example In that way we will get specific information due to any died of our spending’s for child.

It is important to remember that the given costs don’t take into attention the whole kind of „additional” costs like for example the special medical care or medicines in case when our child have a serious illness and it may be also a private education system.

It is easy to notice that when the baby comes into our live, the living costs are dramatically growing so it is worth to find some extra earnings, to optimize the spending’s and wonder about how to start earn on the capital investments. That is the last alert to make our money work for us.

The given values are only the average and in many cases they will be different for everyone. For us, Polish people especially, cause from Poland you can import the cheaper products or the grandma.

The cost of child maintenance is huge therefore I propose to Begin from the article overview which will show you in a simple way how to save money in Great Britain and then focus on posts from the fields like capital investments and business management in the UK.

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